Christmas is just around the corner…

I am really excited about Christmas this year because of how excited MiniKat has become, especially the last few weeks! We haven’t had as many Christmassy adventures as some but we do have quite a bit planned coming up which is going to be lovely, I’m sure.

First, we put up our Christmas tree. We don’t do organised, colour co-ordinated in this home…Mini Kat helped with the addition of Candy Canes. Due to lack of living room space it is currently on top of our dining room table. Surrounded by our Advent Calenders. We let Mini Kat choose her own, and a Hello Kitty one was picked. I have a scrummy malteasers one and Adam has a Gruffalo one…like he did last year…

Our Owl Topped Tree
Our Owl Topped Tree


Next on our list of Christmassy things to organise was our Work Christmas parties. I had mine at the end of November but it was a good night outside of work. We just went out for a meal and I didn’t spend a penny…best way to celebrate!

Adam had his last Thursday and came home with his secret santa present. Ours are being exchanged a little closer to Christmas.

So this week we have a couple more things going on. Mini Kat has her Christmas Jumper day at Nursery on Friday, she chose her Christmas Jumper for the year and it is very cute. I posted the pic on Facebook and everyone kept commenting on how long her hair was! I even got a few questions from my sister as to whether or not her hair was real!

Christmas Polar Bear Jumper from Peacocks £10
Christmas Polar Bear Jumper from Peacocks £10

This week Adam and I are having our own Pre-Christmas-has-been-for-the-last-two-years tradition of going to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and I can not wait to see this film! I’m not into the whole 3D thing so I’m waiting to be able to book tickets for the 2D film, hopefully tomorrow, for a Friday night show!

My mum, sister and Step dad have kindly agreed to have MiniKat over night to make the cinema visit possible. On Saturday I will be walking up to my mums to meet her with MiniKat and to take her up to the Garden Centre where there is a fantastic Christmas Grotto and a little visit to see Father Christmas. We took her last year but she was a little shy, but this year she is so excited about Christmas and has a much better understanding of what is going on. It’s the first year where I feel Christmas is really coming together for her. We are then meeting up with some friends for a trip to see a film together and have them over for a mini Christmas party and some dinner.

Another little Christmas thing was obviously her Nativity which we went to see last Thursday with Adam, my mum and my dad came down for it which was lovely. MiniKat was an angel and this year actually got involved and started singing loud enough to be heard! I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one, so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Mini Kat and My Dad at the Nativity. 4/12/2014
Mini Kat and My Dad at the Nativity. 4/12/2014

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