Planning Family Adventures

One thing I wanted to make sure we did, as a family this year is go on more adventures together. So in celebration of the notification that I will be receiving my redundancy and retention bonus from my previous job on payday we have booked a little trip away next weekend to Bath. It’s rare we get to plan something with such short notice, usually relying on early bookings to ensure we get a cancellation policy and a cheaper rate and then worrying about affording the train fare, food and so on whilst we are there but we aren’t going to have that problem for next weekend which is a lovely thing to be able to say.

Receiving my P45 was a bit like closing a book. I’ve already left my previous place of work and started something new, met some lovely people along the way and about to go into my third week of training for my new role but I guess it was a bit like having some closure, as well as not truly knowing how much pay I would receive at the end of the month. It was a HUGE risk to leave my job in the middle of the month without truly knowing what I would be getting and what bills would be paid but at least I now know.

I’m sure mini-kat will love the adventure. We are planning on creating a treasure hunt type of sheet for her so she can tick things off as we walk around Bath, just to make it a little more fun for her. I want to show her some history and I’m sure she’ll enjoy going on the ‘night train’ as she is calling it and staying somewhere new for a change!

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