Felix at 5 Months

These five months really are flying past! Not too much has changed since Felix’s last update at 4 months apart from him getting longer and heavier and now in his 6-9 month wardrobe. I need to start looking for summer clothes for him in 9-12 months as I imagine at this rate we will be needing to reach for those larger sizes around May.

We are also looking at what we need for weaning Felix at six months. We did try him on a few simple purees at 4 months because of his reflux as I was advised that it might make things better but it ended in a nasty bit of constipation so felt he just wasn’t ready. I am really excited about weaning though and hope to do a more baby lead weaning approach this time around as I didn’t with Evie.

Baby wearing white vest with animals saying BFFs Always, five month old baby

We are on the lookout for a decent highchair, preferably one that we can adjust the height of and there are a few I have my eye on. I am also looking forward to introducing a cup with food for Felix to try drinking water with as I am hoping with the addition of tap water and food his reflux and constipation will be a lot less problematic.

We have the signs of his first tooth coming through and he’s had some really nasty teething spells but it hasn’t quite cut through yet. He has a really strong gummy grip and benefits from chowing down on something and teething gel seems to have a dramatic difference to his symptoms. He gets very red cheeked and the dribble is crazy!

Baby Boy in white baby grow sat up and looking at camera

He is constantly pulling himself up when sat on us to sit up and his back is much straighter when he’s sitting but he can not sit without support just yet. He also loves to use his legs and stand with support. He can hold himself up for a few moments when held and really pushes his feet down into the floor or a hard surface. When on his tummy he will do a sort of backwards baby plank with his legs but he hasn’t quite got it in him to get onto his arms. Felix will sometimes do a bit of a superman pose on his front and he is starting to sort of shuffle around a little on his tummy. He is still rotating around on his playmat and very frequently rolls onto his side and shuffles around that way. I really don’t think it will be long until he is rolling back and fourth a bit more regularly.

His routine still seems to be three-hourly during the day but he sometimes only naps for around ten minutes resulting in a very overtired baby. He finds it very hard to get comfortable and sleep if he’s constipated so we are doing lots of bicycle legs and gentle tummy massages to help – and it does help him a lot which is good. Feeding him only takes around 5 minutes now on a medium flow teat of 6oz. He finishes each bottle but we have found increasing to 7oz makes his reflux worse and he just seems to be overfeeding on that last ounce. He has started to hold his bottle himself.

baby boy in grey elephant chair

It’s very clear when he’s unhappy as he makes a long “Ummm” sound which sounds very much like “Mum” so I hope that will turn into his first real word. Of course I know he doesn’t mean me, he just means “I AM VERY BORED AND UNHAPPY NOW PLEASE MOVE ME” He likes to laugh at mirror reflections of himself or of anyone laughing. It could be us or someone on the TV, he loves the sound of laughter but no one makes him laugh and smile like Evie does. It’s really incredible how much children tend to respond to other children actually even with an 8 year age gap!

He has his next Vaccinations coming up as he had to miss his last set due to having a bit of a cold – thanks to teething, and we all had colds. I’m glad this is his last set for a while.

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