We Survived The First Week Back to School

We are back to school and have completed the first week of Year Three. We are currently dog sitting my mums German Shephard Sweet Mia (no one else calls her Sweet Mia, just me and Adam) who is actually a right diva! It’s been a really hectic week getting back to school, back to routine and back to normality. Six weeks to go until we all get that little bit of respite at half term, except Adam who will be working through it both at his job and University.

Back to school

Being 38 weeks pregnant I am opting out of the school run until Baby F is born. We are further away from school whilst staying at my mums and the walk from our house still takes about an hour there and back. So Adam and Evie have been getting the bus. This has had its own set of dramas from actually buying a week bus pass, missing busses, broken down busses and late busses. On Friday Adam was about ten minutes late collecting Evie from school which just doesn’t make us look great for the first week but then it is what it is!

Back to school

Back to school


The first year of junior school, I can’t quite believe it! Evie turned 8 on Monday and was back to school on Tuesday which was the day we began dog sitting. We got an early morning Taxi over to my mums with some of our stuff. I forgot clothes for me and Evie but did bring both pregnancy pillows! We were supposed to go food shopping but we were all too tired. Luckily there was no mess from the dog and Adam got Evie to school on time sending me a lovely snap chat filter picture of the two of them together.

Back to school

Tuesday was a weird day and very busy. The midwife did my 38 week check, Adam had a driving lesson and we were both pretty tired from such an early start and a busy birthday the day before. Then when Adam went up to bed the electrics went and the trip switch wouldn’t go back up and the fridge freezer was off so between 11.30pm and 1am I was trying to get hold of my parents in Zante to explain and see what we should do. We ended up just going to bed because we were exhausted and got about four hours sleep each.

At 7.30am Wednesday morning everything was fine and the trip switch went back on! Evie was non the wiser and felt super refreshed after a long good night sleep and went off to school for Day 2. Adam headed back to the flat for some clothes and then after school we all went for a shop and coffee at Tesco.

Thursday was a better day, we both had an afternoon nap. Evie got to and from school on time although after school Adam did have to panic buy a swim hat because Evie had swimming at school the next day and of course her swim hat from last year has “gone missing” somewhere in her out of a bedroom. Sweet Mia was happy to have a nice walk and we just felt a little more human. All of us got an early night which resulted in a pretty good night sleep for me.

Friday was were most of the bus drama happened with Adam waiting around 40 minutes to get the bus back to town. There should be one every 15 minutes… and then getting back to school was when the bus was late and so Evie was late being picked up. They got back home, we fed the dog and then Adam went to the cinema to watching The Nun on his own. Our friends came over with McDonalds and it was nice to chat to them for a bit.

I think Evie has has a good first week back to school. She doesn’t really tell me much! However it’s a week of doing packed lunches rather than organising hot dinners and getting back into the routine. Her uniform was still relatively clean by the end of the week and she has been reading each night too. Her new bag from Smiggle is the perfect size for her school stuff too and she has a locker now she’s at the juniors! We still haven’t got details for the online payment portal or school term dates yet but I do know when half term is.

And now today it’s Saturday. I’ve had a hot cup of tea, Evie has been up since 6.30am to play with the dog and Adam has got half an hour left of his lay in. It’s been a busy week, but a good one.



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