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And Now You Are Seven: Happy Birthday Daughter

Today you are seven years old. Seven years ago at 10.07am on a theatre table completely spaced out I saw you. I saw your chubby little face and tiny hands. I saw your big beautiful blue eyes. Seven years ago today I heard your first cry. Seven years ago today I had my first cuddle with this beautiful little baby that I was absolutely in love with. We have had seven years of fun. We have had seven years of new experiences together and what a life we’ve already had. Here you are just a few hours old after a very strange induced labour leading to a c-section which then lead to us both needing IV Antibiotics. You had a little cannula in your tiny hands and every twelve hours at 3 you would be whisked away. We were both fine, it was just a prevention but I felt lost without you then and that hasn’t really changed.

Six years ago we celebrated your first birthday with family along the Severn Valley railway and had some fun. I remember Leah giving you strawberries and you just stuffed them in your tiny mouth. You loved strawberries. You of course wanted to run into the park, that hasn’t really changed has it. I think this is my favourite photo of you. You look so cheeky! I remember picking up that party dress at TK Maxx which was quite close to where we lived at the time. We had a lovely day together. And now you are seven.

Five years ago today we celebrated your 2nd birthday and it was just weeks after we had moved back to Hampshire after I left your dad. Since then you’ve always had two big birthday celebrations so really you’ve done quite well out of it all but that one was a hard one. I was broken, I was going through a lot and I didn’t get to see you until 2pm on your birthday when you were coming home. I struggled a lot that day, I missed you. I had no money for gifts so the things you had were bits and pieces from poundland that I hoped would make you smile.

We did have a family day at Paultons Park though which I don’t think you remember much. It was the week before your birthday really and we went with lots of family. It was a nice sunny day spent together. It was pretty hot so nanny gave you her hat. You look so happy here. That smile. And now you are seven.

Four years ago was the first time we celebrated your birthday with Adam. You were three years old. You were getting so big and independent. You were so funny but my gosh when you threw a tantrum everybody knew about it. We had been in our flat for three months and we were living like a real family again. We had a lovely family meal together and you had lots of lovely presents.

Another birthday spent at Paultons Park where you threw the biggest tantrum much to our horror. It was a very wet, emotional and overwhelming day for you I think. I love this photo of you and Adam, it makes me so happy and shows what a wonderful relationship you were forming together. And now you are seven.

Three years ago you were about to turn four. It was the last year before you started school and I was working full time. It was so nice to have some money again and be able to go out and do things together as a family. We had been in our home for over a year, living as a family of three. We had so many lovely family members close by. We spent the day at the Hawk Trust were you held Troy the owl. He’s my favourite owl there to be honest, he’s very cute. I remember at the start of one of the flying displays they called your name, gave you a wave and sung happy birthday to you. Suddenly you sat down and stopped wiggling. You were so shy. It was very cute and we had a really lovely day finished up with a family meal. And now you are seven.

Two years ago you were just about to start school. My big girl was five and I was worried about the new challenges you would face. There wasn’t any reason to worry though, not really. We had just spent a lovely week together in Blackpool with Leah and Kristin where, for the most part, you were pretty good. For your 5th birthday we went glamping at Warwick castle and you had a go at archery. You were actually really good. I also found out I am pretty awesome with a crossbow and obliterated an apple. Adam is so-so with a long bow. A family or archers it seems. The tent was so cold that night but we snuggled up together. It rained a lot but we had a good time. You had happy birthday sung to you at dinner and at breakfast. The lovely team at Warwick Castle put a balloon in our tent and we explored. And now you are seven.

now you are seven

One year ago you were turning six and I couldn’t quite believe it. We had a little pub garden party with family and friends and we had a day out at Chessington which was so nice. We went on some rides, saw some animals and ate a picnic lunch. For once it didn’t rain! We didn’t get a chance to go on the Bubbleworks for the last time but we still had a lot of fun together as a family. You got so many lovely gifts that year too because of your generous friends and family. You are so loved. And now you are seven.

now you are seven

And now, today, you are seven years old. You are in year two at school. You are so thoughtful, funny, intelligent and interesting. You are a creative little soul. You are so loved on this day and every day. We are going to enjoy our weekend in Weymouth before you start school, a year that might challenge and push you further. One that you might not enjoy much as playtime comes down and learning becomes the main focus. One that will give you a chance to make new friends in your new class. The next year will be an incredibly exciting one and I am so proud to be your mummy.

now you are seven


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  1. Such a sweet and thoughtful post telling her life in birthdays. How far you’ve both come. Happy birthday little one!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  2. This is such a lovely post! You get a real flavour of family life and they way that you’ve all grown and evolved. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes. My daughter will be seven soon too. #stayclassymama

  3. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl! I got all emotional reading this, it takes you on such a journey – you’ve remembered all the little things and it’s so clear you special your relationship is. I hope your next year together is a wonderful one. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. What a lovely post for your daughter! Wish her a very happy birthday! She will love seeing this post one day! <3 #stayclassymama Those pix are priceless.

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I can’t believe she is 7 already, I’m sure you just posted about her 6th birthday. Lovely to look back at the years, my girls birthday’s include lots of trips to Paultons park to! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Awww! This is just so lovely. She is just so gorgeous and I love how you describe all the little memories of the last 7 years. Happy birthday and thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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