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Raising Awareness for Infantile Colic + Giveaway

Infantile Colic is one of many things that causes parents stress in the first six months. With 1 in 5 babies having infantile colic it really surprised me to learn that 1 in 3 months didn’t actually know what colic was. Infacol, the UKs number one Infantile Colic remedy have teamed up with Cry-sis, a charity dedicated to helping parents through this time of excessive crying to raise more awareness. As I am currently pregnant with baby number two and having a first born that didn’t have infantile colic I think it’s really important to discuss the signs so I know what to look out for should colic raise its head with Baby F.

Infacol Infantile Colic Awareness

What Is Infantile Colic?

Ive heard many a horror story from parents who had a child that suffered horrifically with infantile colic and I can absolutely imagine the added stress this would give them. Colic can be described as intense and excessive crying that usually occurs in the late afternoon and early evening. It can last for hours at a time and is one thing I’m really aware of as a time for parents generally being stressed. It’s a time when the stresses of the day sit in and catch up with you and for us it’s the time Adam is at work. The crying seems to be unstoppable, causes babies to get red faced, clenched fists, arched back and drawing their knees up to their body. It shocked me to know that lots of infantile colic was self diagnosed (from a recent study conducted by Infacol) and it would certainly be something I would be looking to bring up with my health visitor or GP if I suspect baby F of having colic. I do feel however after reading other parents experiences and knowing more of the signs that I will know what to look out for.

The survey by infacol, Stress in the first Six Months brought lots of interesting points up with financial strain, loneliness, pressure to return to work and sleep deprivation to be the top reasons why parents feel having a baby is stressful. It also showed that, on average, parents spend an average £9,364 on a baby in the first 12 months of their life and it’s easy to see why with the cost of prams, cot beds, nursery furniture and clothing already racking up a small fortune. Pregnancy certainly is an expensive time!

However, I am hoping I can relieve a little of your stress with a giveaway. One winner has the chance to win a Kimbo Seersucker 0-6 months 0.5 tog Baby Sleeping Bag from The White Company.

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The White Company Kimbo Seersucker 0-6 months 0.5 tog Baby Sleeping Bag

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