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There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve recently been speaking with Mary who owns a clothing printing company called Tiger Prints. I love her designs and had a good browse through her website, mainly looking at t-shirts for my five-year-old daughter but I saw some great products for myself and my partner too so it’s great that Tiger Prints caters to all the family. For the purpose of this review, the t-shirt was provided however all opinions are my own (and my daughters). I wanted to review this product because, well, I don’t know about your children but my daughter doesn’t seem to stop growing and being able to get her a nice new tee was fab.

Tiger Prints have a great range of products for adults and children, both male and female. The website is full of T-shirts and Hoodies and all are very reasonably priced. The t-shirt we choose was for a girl aged 5-6 and had a lovely design based on the theme of the Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. This tee is also available for adults. It’s very simple to order your product through the website as you can choose the colour, size and add any custom notes such as a name and away you go. Design’s include quotes, animals, slogans and themes. I love the variety of Halloween themed tops available for adults and children. Free UK Shipping is also available with Tiger Prints.

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Tiger Prints There’s No Place Like Home T-Shirt for Girls, Age 5-6

The t-shirt came to us within a couple of days which was really good service and my little gremlin was very excited to try on something new. Her thoughts; I like this top, it feels soft and sparkly. Her favourite part of the top is the glittery ruby slippers and she now wants a pair to match! We choose the green colour because we liked the way it matched the Wicked Witch.

This is very much a practical tee and is quite loose fitting on my daughter who is quite slight and petite anyway. It’s a good fit though, and the sort of comfy t-shirt that will be ideal for travelling and sport or activities. It will be great to wear when travelling on our holiday next month and perhaps for her weekly gymnastics class. I personally feel tops like this go really well with leggings or jeans as it keeps things nice and comfortable. This will be perfect when out and about as the weather gets warmer too.

The tee is made of good quality material and is valued at a good price of £13. It’s nice and soft and easy to slip on and off which is essential when trying to get a five-year-old ready to leave the house!

Top aged 5-6 is a nice fit for my daughter and the design sits nicely on the front.
Top aged 5-6 is a nice fit for my daughter and the design sits nicely on the front.

Even though we are big Disney fans in this house and my daughter has a lot of character tops I really like finding unique clothing that is fun and gets people talking. It’s also special because it’s a bit different but I know these tops are going to be a huge hit. I have to say looking through the woman’s section my personal favourite is this one and my partner would love this t-shirt. Some of the t-shirts have the option to add names which could make Tiger Prints a great choice for multiple print tops for events or even something for the whole family.

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  1. What a gorgeous t-shirt. I’ve not heard of this brand before but I’ll be checking out their website – thanks for sharing x

    1. Awh glad you like it! It’s a fab brand I was really impressed with the designs available. 🙂

  2. What a cute slogan! I’m not overly found of the green, but love the design! Your little girl looks like she loves it, very cute!

    1. We went with Green for the Wicked Witch of the West 🙂

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