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My daughter with her new rings and box from a Snow White magazine.

Do you remember, as a child, wanting any magazine that came with a free gift? Even now if a more womanly magazine has an offer or a free gift I’m tempted to get it but I feel like I can resist the urge…well my daughter is obsessed with magazine toys. She always seems to come back from her dads with a magazine or two…which is fine by me as it means my printer paper isn’t used up quickly as she has activities and drawing space inside and I’m not out of pocket – magazines are expensive.

This weekend she came home with a Snow White story magazine which came with a couple of dressing up rings and a little box to keep them in. As with most magazine toys it’s not made of particularly good quality material and no doubt the silver will start to chip away from the box but for now, it’s added to my daughters dressing up and role play collection and she quite clearly loves it.

My daughter is very much into the Princess phase of her childhood which includes multiple Disney style dressing up outfits which is maximised by our upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris next week. (It feels so good to finally say we are going on holiday next week!) Which is why I think she was particularly drawn to this free magazine gift. It features a pretty design and a picture of Snow White on the case. It’s easy to open as well which in the past hasn’t always been the case with these sort of toys.

disney jewelry box, snow white

I thought I would add to this feature by doing a weekly interview with my little one so you can hear why she loves her toys so much. This week you can see her modeling her favourite dressing up dress from H&M which has a bit of a Queen Elsa feel for it talking to you about her jewellery box and what can be found inside. You can watch her interview here

You can watch her interview here

Even though I know it won’t last and she’ll go back to her other toys shortly, how can I deny her a moment or two of happiness. If it breaks, it breaks…you know it’s probably going to happen when it’s come as a freebie anyway.

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  1. My little girl is really into princess and she would love this box. But like you say, not very good quality so wont last very long in our house #ToyTuesday

    1. Author

      It’s a shame they don’t last very long but at least they provide a little joy for the moments they have them!

  2. That’s actually really pretty (and fairly useful!) for a magazine freebie! I still have a soft spot for what my mum would call ‘plastic tat’, it just takes me right back to childhood! 🙂 #toytuesday

    1. Author

      Plastic tat!!! That is exactly what it is! But I agree, it’s quite a cute one.

  3. It may be plastic tat, but its worth their great big grins (I try to convince myself every time Eowyn gives me the puppy dog eyes for another magazine!) it is very pretty, have a lovely time in Disneyland Paris, we are going at Easter.
    Thanks for linking up to #toytuesday

  4. My two always get carried away with the free gifts and never remember there was an actual magazine attached! The box looks quite useful for a change! #ToyTuesday

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