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16 Week Pregnancy Check Up

16 Weeks Pregnant

By the time this is actually published I’ll be 17 weeks as my Midwife appointment is right at the end of my 16 week but I’m writing this in parts because I had a scan and the Quad test at 16 weeks as well. That’s now been and done but right now, as I’m writing, I haven’t seen the Midwife. Anyway, let’s get on with it! My first trimester update was pretty lengthy affair as I was trying to cram in 12 weeks worth of information but now my pregnancy is truly announced as it were I’m not sure this will be as long. But I do like to ramble on…

How Am I Feeling?

I feel alright. I’ve had a cold and cough for the last few weeks which has been quite annoying as I can’t take much but I’ve still tried to walk and swim. The cough is lingering as is the nasal congestion which is apparently common in pregnancy anyway. The congestion makes me retch. Public toilets make me retch. The smell of sausages and bacon being cooked makes me retch. Adam’s deodorant spray makes me retch. Talking about anything horrible makes me retch. I can’t keep typing about that though because…it’s making me retch. I really don’t like writing that word now, it’s kind of lost all meaning. I’m awaiting my quad blood test results back which is making me a bit anxious. Adam and I have already had the discussion about what we will look into following a high risk for Down Syndrome result will mean. I hate waiting. I should have had this done at 14 weeks with a scan but the Sonographer went home sick so had to wait. Other than that I’m feeling excited about meeting the baby and actually not really too worried about the birth (right now!) I have a lot more energy and am going to bed most nights at the reasonable time of 10pm, falling asleep around 10.30pm and waking up between 6.30-7am. I do wake two or three times in the night for a wee though…

I’ve been doing a lot of reading which is helping me put together some rough ideas for birth preferences too.

Weight Gain

At booking (9+5weeks) I was 119kg. I weighed in at 16 weeks before my blood test and I was 120kg. One kg of weight gain in six weeks really isn’t that bad. I think the swimming and all the fruit I’m eating is helping and I’m really pleased with that to be honest. I still just look fat rather than pregnant.

16 Weeks Pregnant BMI 45


At 16 weeks pregnant most of my symptoms seem pretty normal as discussed with the midwife. Some light period cramps every so often but nothing extreme. The headaches have mostly gone and any I do get I think is down to not drinking enough water. Other than that nothing really is going on. My tummy feels ‘heavier’ and even though there’s a lot of fat around there my overhang fat pouch feels lower. Not nice really but the baby’s going to be pushing some of that outwards as they grow. I have a pregnancy pillow to help make sleeping a little more comfortable as well as creating a little wishlist of things I want this pregnancy.

16 Weeks Pregnant Scan and Quad Test

The scan happened first. We didn’t have childcare but I called the hospital to let them know the day before. The sonographer, who was really lovely, decided that I would go in first for measurements and then Adam and Evie could come in and see the baby too. The scan was so much better than my scan at 12 weeks and the baby became easier to see and more active as the scan went on. The sonographer was more on my tummy than my section scar too so there was no soreness or bleeding during or after which made such a huge difference. I did joke around and say that because I was further along we might get to see between the legs however, the legs were very obviously and very firmly crossed over! I got to see the brain, heart, spine, arms, hands, legs and head though which were amazing. It really was a ‘oh that’s an actual baby’ in there kind of moment. The sonographer said all looks fine and she tried to check my old c-section scar and ovaries which had poor visibility due to my BMI and again pressing on the wound under my tummy which was a bit sore. From what she could see, she said it looked okay and I’m sure if there were any issues they would have told me.

Scan at 16 Weeks with BMI 45+

The quad test was a simple blood test taken after the scan with one of the midwives. It was nice and simple, one tube of blood and I’ll know if I’m high risk by Thursday or a low risk letter will come in the post 10 to 14 days later. I’m trying not to worry but it’s hard not to be anxious about it all.

16 Weeks Pregnant Midwife Appointment

Midwife checked my wee sample and said it was all clear with no protein or sugars so we talked about the Glucose Tolerance Test. I’ve been offered because my BMI is over 30, I had to have it with Evie but didn’t have Gestational Diabetes so I think I’m going to refuse the screening. However, I’ve got another appointment with the consultant in June so we’re going to wait and see then before I decide to cancel. She had a feel of my tummy and said my uterus is where it should be, I can’t believe how high up it is already! She then proceeded to check for the heartbeat. She really did give it a good try but couldn’t find it with the doppler. Luckily there was a sonographer on site who got me into an ultrasound room and had a check. It was really quickly apparent that the baby was very, very wriggly and we got a chance to hear the heartbeat too which was so reassuring. Perhaps the baby was just hiding away from the doppler.

I actually really, really like my midwife. She got me into that ultrasound room so fast, told me not to worry, that baby is still very small and sometimes the heartbeat can’t be heard with a doppler at sixteen weeks. Also, I’m chubby so there’s a good old layer of flab to try and hear it all through. She sat me back down with a glass of water and quickly called me back through when the ultrasound room was ready for me. She could see I was really scared and worried that something would be wrong and said come back at around 18-19 weeks to try and have another listen which will be just before my 20 week scan. She also said usually she wouldn’t see a second time mum until I was 28 weeks however because it’s been a while between babies she offered me another check at 24-25 weeks too. It’s so nice to have a really lovely, supportive care provider in a midwife so I’m super thankful to her. We didn’t check my blood pressure because it would have been a bit through the roof after the scare but I’m so relieved all is okay.

I’ve been feeling a few weird bubble/rolling type motions lately which I’m positive is baby moving around but I can’t wait to feel those bigger kicks so they can let me know they’re all okay in there. Hopefully now baby is a little higher up those feelings will come over soon. The sonographer also knows my consultant and after having a chat with a fellow mum who gave birth at the hospital I’m planning too I now know the consultant is really nice and really pro VBAC births too which makes me feel a lot better! Still at sixteen weeks there’s still lots of things to consider throughout this pregnancy. For now though, I’m feeling good. Tired, but good.

16 Weeks Pregnant, What to Expect at 16 Week Midwife Check

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  1. I remember that time of my pregnancy so clearly! I was on a business trip in a foreign country and missed my quad test, so I paid for a private test in the country I was in back then and like you, I was suffering from a nasty cough!! urgh! Not nice! Aside from that, I’m happy to read that the hospital and people you’ve met have put you at ease! Being able to relax and not mindlessly worry is such a blessing to have when pregnant, so I pray that you are able to generate this positive energy throughout your pregnancy! #DreamTeam

  2. I’m so excited for you Kayleigh an I’m really pleased you like your midwife, that makes such a difference. I remember the nastiness smells used to cause me, it was awful and 3 years later there are still smells I can’t stand (certain laundry detergents are a big one). I hope it keeps going well.
    Thank you for joining us at #BigPinkLink

    1. Author

      I totally get what you mean about laundry detergents, some I can’t use and hate when Evie’s grandparents wash her clothes in them – the smell is horrid!!! Thank you so much xx

  3. Seems like so long ago that I can’t remember any key stages of my pregnancy other than the day he arrived (nearly 5 years ago). Best of luck with the rest of it. #bigpinklink

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