38 weeks pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant Update

I am 38 weeks pregnant, full term and ready to meet my baby boy now. It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster over the last two weeks with appointments and the added worry that my baby boy will be too big. Personally, I don’t think he will be, I certainly don’t think he will be too much over 9lbs at birth or the 4KG threshold that everyone seems to be placing on me because of the increased risk of shoulder dystocia with the added risk that I have a high BMI. It’s so hard to make real decisions when it comes to risk factors like this. Ultimately I want to be safe for me and my baby but it’s really hard to stay informed on unpredictable results. At 38 weeks pregnant I look like this.

High BMI 45 pregnancy bump 38 weeks pregnant

I don’t feel my bump is overly big for 38 weeks pregnant although with a bigger tummy than most I guess that’s pretty hard to tell. I feel my baby will be quite long, hopefully taking the tall genes from Adam, not me because I am not tall. He is still in the optimum position for birth, head down, front to back, slightly on the left side of my tummy. My placenta is all working nicely and high, well away from the exit and the cord is pumping blood well into him. I’m still feeling lots of lovely movements and I’ve had no swelling in hands and feet. Obviously being active at 38 weeks pregnant is becoming much more of a challenge and I have been experiencing some pelvic pain which I didn’t have before. I think it’s just the added weight really as it’s only been in the last couple of weeks or so.

At 38 weeks pregnant I am still managing to work a fair amount and I feel like we have everything we need. Our just in case hospital bags are here, we have a birth pool at home, we have snacks in the bag packed and everything is set up. We are just waiting for him now. I’ve been drinking raspberry red leaf tea and eating dates. I have no idea if they’re going to help me have a nice quick and effective labour with minimal damage but actually we are just going to have to wait and see. My consultant midwife has recommended I have a last appointment with my consultant obstetrician and scan at 40 weeks so actually I am really, really hoping we can encourage this guy to turn up before that appointment. I am getting a bit sick and tired of being poked and prodded. The scans are not comfortable for me at all. So the plan for the next two weeks really is to try and do what we can to get the baby out. I still feel I will be looking at 41 weeks for birth really but honestly now he’s full term I know the risks of him coming out are so much smaller. We do have to wait until next Tuesday though as we are currently dog sitting for my mum and I need her back in the country. My doula is also away this weekend and I would like at least one last weekend with my baby girl before we are officially a family of four.

I received a lovely box of third trimester treats from Baboo Box – a pregnancy subscription service.

Third trimester pregnancy subscription box, 38 weeks pregnant

Midwife Appointment at 38 Weeks

I had my midwife appointment at home at 37+5 weeks pregnant and I’m 38 weeks pregnant today. We had a chat about making a playlist for labour because of how helpful music can be, how I’m sleeping –  not much, and then had a feel and a listen in. My midwife said baby’s head is about half in my pelvis which explains the discomfort I’ve had walking and all the needing to wee. Heartbeat sounds perfectly clear.

It’s just becoming a bit much getting to and from the birth centre for the appointments now and with school starting and Adam off to University in a couple of weeks plus the fact that I am still planning to have a home birth, it makes a bit more sense to have these appointments at home. I’ve had a lot of lengthy conversations with my midwife, consultant midwife and doula about this and at the moment I am kind of in the mind of I will choose where I want to be when I’m in labour. If I feel confident at home then I’ll stay put if I feel like I want to go in to hospital then I’ll go in. I’ve said I’m about 60% sure I will go in but I don’t want to feel like I’ve had the option taken away from me. I’ve also asked if I can go up to Labour ward at my chosen hospital and have a look around so I can at least feel like I know where I’m going and what to expect if we go in.

We are all so super excited about meeting this little guy and have got lots planned in the coming weeks to keep busy which is mostly just getting back into the routine of life that is school runs and routine. However I think I’ve craved that as the summer has gone on and I’ve found myself getting bored and restless. I’ve lacked stimulation from sometimes not really getting out of the house or speaking with anyone. I’ve really missed Evangeline in that last week of August but ultimately I feel completely ready and excited about meeting my baby boy.

Last Minute Baby Shopping

I feel like we have enough clothes in a good range of sizes for him now. Last Friday Adam and I went to Basingstoke where they have a good sized Primark and H&M kids to get a few more vests and sleepsuits. We’ve got a mix of 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothes now to sort of cover whether or not he will be a big baby. I’ve packed a bag for him too so that if we do go to hospital we have everything he needs and if we stay at home then everything he needs is all in one place. We’ve got the car seat ready to go and his bed is all set up next to my side although I think we need to do a bit of furniture shifting around so I can bring him up closer to me. We’ve also seen a few bits that Adam’s sister has picked up for us and my little sister has also very kindly got us some lovely gifts for him too.

Baby boy tops, 38 weeks pregant

I feel prepared, ready and excited to welcome my baby and I can’t wait to introduce him to you all!


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