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Hair Care Tips During Pregnancy

Hair care during pregnancy is pretty important, I think. I don’t know about you but my hair during this pregnancy has got super thick and has grown quite long relatively quickly. I naturally have really fine hair and because I use hair colourant I know it’s pretty dry. I often refer to it as squirrel like at times because it just gets a bit too dry at the ends. I’m trying to keep my hair in good condition especially as I’m going swimming a lot to keep active during my pregnancy. I also know that not too long after I’ve had this baby and those hormones are regulating again and leaving my system so much hair is going to fall out. I’m planning to get it chopped off short next month to hopefully avoid loosing too much post-natal however, with still a few months of pregnancy to go I’m hoping that my hair will remain looking in great condition over the summer. I know some mothers who have lost so much hair after giving birth. One thing you could consider is the cost of a hair transplant especially if hair loss is affecting your self confidence.

Here are some of my hair care tips to make the most of your lovely locks over the coming summer and to maintain hair during pregnancy:

  1. Try different shampoos and conditioners. I often find that a lot of these can lead to a horrible build up in my scalp which leads to my roots looking oily and flaky.
  2. Deep condition a few times a month. I feel using a hair masque is a really nice treat and something I can do easily at home.
  3. Avoid colouring too much. I do let my roots get quite long before I consider lightening my hair again as I want to give it as much of a break as possible. I try and aim for colouring once every 10-12 weeks.
  4. Brush your hair regularly. I try to brush mine twice a day to keep it looking less like the bushy tail of a squirrel. When I’m not pregnant this helps to prevent it getting matted.
  5. Get it cut. I really begrudge paying to get my hair cut because it can be really expensive, especially if you just want a trim but it’s worth going every few months for a tidy up and doesn’t have to take too long. Plus it gets you away from the kids for half an hour!
  6. If you are swimming a lot, like me, wet your hair before getting into the pool to prevent chlorine building up in your hair. Apparently the water from a shower can prevent the hair absorbing too much chlorine. You could consider wearing a swim hat if that’s more comfortable.

Do you have any hair care tips?

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