How I Feel About Baby Showers

Baby Showers seem to be a real big thing here in the UK now. It wasn’t really something I even put any thought into when I was pregnant with my daughter. I’ve seen loads of friends have baby showers since I’ve been pregnant with my second and I honestly can not get my head around it. I absolutely believe that it’s totally personal preference and I know some mums to be absolutely love them which is totally fine! Honestly though, the thought of having one myself really makes me cringe. Have you had a baby shower? What are your thoughts on them?

I’ve never actually attended a baby shower so a lot of my knowledge is second hand experience and from film or TV shows. To be absolutely honest I probably never would because it’s just one of those situations that would make me a little bit anxious, even as a guest. As a mum to be it would literally be my worst nightmare. I wouldn’t be able to cope with any weird games or people touching or measuring my stomach. I’d feel way too pressured if I was given gifts, particularly if they weren’t to my taste. You see, I’m not very good at hiding my expressions from my face when I really don’t like something. Ask Adam – no Christmas gift is ever a surprise! Just being the centre of attention for an afternoon would be really strange and I think I’d come away feeling a bit sick and a bit overwhelmed.

The only way I would ever have a baby shower was if I had complete control with how it was organised. It would literally be a meal somewhere, nice and casual, with no games and no need for gifts. I’m really thankful I actually have very few female friends in real life and I know that they would all know how it would make me feel. Despite all this though, it doesn’t matter. I won’t be having a baby shower because I am simply too busy to even think about trying to plan something like that.

I guess I’m not really a very conventional mum either. I don’t really feel I’m very maternal and I don’t think I’m very good with other people’s children. I love my daughter and I’m excited to be having more children and growing my family but I’m not really one of these mums that gets excited about babies. I don’t jump in for cuddles with newborns, I don’t really get all that broody and some of the things other parents do just aren’t for me. I don’t really understand newborn baby shoots or doing the hand and foot print things. I think cake smashes are a waste of perfectly good cake. I won’t be getting my baby christened, there won’t be god parents and in all fairness for those first few weeks of my babies life I just want to be left alone.

I guess for this second pregnancy I’ve just felt there’s so much pressure to do all these things which actually, to me, don’t matter. All I want is snuggles with my baby boy.

Baby Shower Cake, Coffee & Party Hat

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