newborn baby gifts newborn gifts that make me cringe

Newborn Gifts That Make Me Cringe

So you should never look a gift horse in the mouth as they say but equally I have had my fair share of gifts over the years that have been questionable and there seems to be a lot of newborn gifts that just aren’t to my taste. I’ll admit most of them are the sort of things you might get for a christening which we won’t be having but even so, some are just odd. At 35 weeks pregnant we pretty much have everything we need now so I’m thinking about things we absolutely do not need or want. So I thought I’d put together a list of newborn gifts that I don’t understand and make me cringe a little bit. Thankfully when Evie was born I was given wonderful gifts from friends and family and I have to say they have been equally generous this time around too.

Personalising Stuff for the sake of personalising it…

Now there are some things that make sense like a school bag or water bottle. Perhaps a photo frame with a sentimental message on but things like clothes and towels? What is the point? I imagine this is something parents are more likely to do than someone arranging a gift as you don’t always know the name of the newborn but still, it’s just not to my taste.

personalised towel, newborn gifts that make me cringe

Baby Clothes that Say “Mummy/Daddy’s little…”

For one thing it’s mostly reinforcing rediculous gender stereotypes and for another it’s just not very creative. Even if I like the pattern or design on something If it says mummy/daddy on it I won’t be buying it and Baby F won’t be wearing it.

Silver Anything like birth certificate holders and trinket boxes.

What trinkets do babies have exactly? Keeping teeth and locks of hair is weird and they’re just things that clutter up space we don’t have. These do seem to be things reserved for Christening gifts I suppose but mostly they’re just really pointless “keepsakes” that will either find themselves in storage or lost.

silver newborn gifts, newborn gifts that make me cringe

Baby Moneyboxes

Why do they need them? Why can’t you just open up a baby savings account and put money there instead? Or if the baby (parents) are given money can they not spend it on stuff the baby needs there and then?

blue car baby moneybox, newborn gifts that make me cringe

Anything to help with bottle feeding if mum is planning on breastfeeding

It can be really undermining to be given a set of bottles or a tomee tippee prep machine if mum has decided to breastfeed. When it comes to feeding, ask before you buy if you know the mum might be planning to express or don’t buy at all.

Hand/Foot imprint kits

There is only one reason where I think these kits can be helpful to parents and the reason is not a happy one so it’s not something I will dwell on. However, just for the sake of having a hand or foot print (which if you really wanted you could do a print with paint) it’s just something I wouldn’t never have time for or actually want to do.

newborn impression kit, newborn gifts that make me cringe

If you’re thinking of getting a gift for a new baby then there are a few ideas that new parents will always be really grateful for.

Clothes in sizes bigger than “newborn/first size”

Plain Vests and Babygrows are always going to be an absolute winner especially in a few different sizes. Cute tops and leggings are also really helpful. As are bibs.

Extra blankets or bed sheets

Ask the size of the cot mattress for suitable bedding. Spare bedding is always going to be helpful because babies mess up a lot.

Nappies and Accessories

Again, it’s best to ask what brand the parents are using or if they’re using cloth nappies. Cloth nappies can be expensive so one or two of these in a cute design is going to be helpful. Or anything like a nappy bucket, flushable liners or laundry bag will help. If the parents are using disposables then ask if there is a brand they prefer. A pack of nappies is always going to be helpful but there are a lot to choose from. We are going with Eco Friendly brands such as Naty but some parents might prefer the Aldi own to pampers.

If in doubt – ask

The parents might have a wish list on amazon where they have personally selected products that they want for their baby and honestly they are the best gifts you could get for expectant or new parents because it’s exactly what they want! Failing that there is never any pressure to buy a gift for a new baby so don’t feel that you have to!

newborn baby gifts newborn gifts that make me cringe


  1. We have an 11 week old and given the weather we’ve been given clothes that he definitely won’t be wearing such as long sleeved tops and dungarees with padding in. It should be the though that counts but what a waste of money!

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