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Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks + Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal

I decided to film Evie’s reaction on whether she will be having a baby brother or sister after my Anomoly Scan at 21 weeks. I’m not all that good at planning so we just got her a little bag of pink or blue goodies. We told her before hand if the the baby would be a brother there would be blue treats and if she was getting a sister there would be pink treats. I know some people have big gender reveal parties but that just isn’t me really. I won’t be having a baby shower because I just don’t want to deal with that level of attention and so I thought the best way to tell everyone, except Adam (although, I was tempted to) would be to do this gender reveal video. I am however going to give a bit of a pregnancy update first so if you’re just here for the video – scroll on down!

My anomoly scan was booked for 21 weeks which I think is a bit better as I’m obviously quite large. The baby is slightly bigger and things are just generally a bit easier to see. I remember asking my midwife at my booking appointment if the hospital had a policy in place to prevent parents finding out the gender but ours don’t and it’s just whether the baby is in a good position to see. I have had so many people ask me why I want to find out and why I don’t want it to be a surprise. I just don’t really see the point in waiting if we can find out at a scan to be honest. Plus, it is so boring browsing white and pale yellow clothes. A friend of mine did suggest she would make me a gender reveal cake but honestly I couldn’t actually wait and when asked by the sonographer if we’d like to know the sex we were already both in agreement. However, what some people don’t actually know is that I asked at my 16 week dating scan (very delayed due to 12 week scan problems and 14 week scan being cancelled) and they did actually have a little look for me and did actually give their opinion. I then had another reassurance scan a week later after the midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat and another sonographer had a look and said the same. So we’ve already been told the same thing by two sonographers. Even though they were both not completely certain about the gender I sort of have it in mind that it’s probably going to be “that one” and so I’ll be surprised if it turns out being the “other” however, either or we are both just excited about the new baby.

Scan Photo at 21 Weeks Pregnant with Maternal BMI of 45, Gender Reveal Pregnancy Update

How Am I Feeling?

I feel alright I guess. As good as I can. With the recent heat I’ve had my usual case of chub rub but with a growing bump my undertum (that’s not a word and maybe a bit too much info but…) has got a bit sore. Being fat and sweaty and pregnant is all a bit bleurgh. I’ve finally found some decent maternity leggings too which are so comfortable and will hopefully get me through the summer. My skin is still spotty so I’m trying to keep up with a good skincare routine with tea tree and seaweed products from The Body Shop. I would like to get my hair cut in the next month too to make myself feel just a bit more glamorous and less sweaty mess. I still don’t look pregnant, just fat, which is getting a bit frustrating with people walking into me and just giving me the usual dirty looks that people do when they see fat, red faced people sweating it up all over the place. It does get me down but my anxiety or depression haven’t kicked in. I keep trying to think they don’t know I’m pregnant, they don’t know I’m exercising and eating pretty well (although it was Adam’s birthday, so the food has been excessive) but it’s hard. I hate looking at myself in mirrors and just seeing so much width. I just keep telling myself the more I work out and eat right throughout the easier getting back into fitness and healthy eating will be once baby is here. Plus, breastfeeding will help with that a lot.

I’ve had a lot of rage and emotional moments. I cried because Adam didn’t make the bed one day before leaving for work. Yeah, talk about hormonal rollercoaster. As much as I’m seeing friends and family part of me just wants everyone to go away a little bit and leave me alone. I think that’s part social anxiety, part wanting to just rest and not deal with people and part being pregnant. But I’m getting out and doing stuff so I must be okay. I think that’s why I like writing these updates, I can just get everything out, people can read them (or not) and find out how I’m doing without me constantly being asked the same things.

One thing that has been feeling reassuring is I’m feeling movements much more regularly. Every day at least but not with any real pattern just yet. I have a front lying placenta which apparently can mute the way I feel some movements. However, I think it’s by 24 weeks there should be a regular pattern so I’m trying to just be aware of movements now so if I do notice any changes I can get in touch with my midwife as soon as possible.

Pregnancy Update, 21 Week Scan, Anomoly Scan, Parenting and Pregnancy, High BMI at 20 Week Scan, Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal

Are We Prepared?

No! Not in the slightest. I’ve been casuaully browsing products I’d love to buy and have a few things in the home already thanks to some lovely blog perks and competitions won. I’ve made a new baby wishlist of some of the things I’d really love to have though. I think we’ve decided on a pram and car seat now we’ve tested a few out but that will require a little bit of saving. It’s a fair priced travel system and even though neither Adam or I can drive or have a car, I don’t fancy taking the baby home on the bus after birth. I know what cot I want but again I want to go and see it in store first which is hopefully happening at the end of May.

Other than that I just want a nice sling or carrier and a changing unit. So many people say not to bother with a changing unit but I love them for storage and my bathroom is big enough. Perks of being in a flat, it will take the same amount of steps to walk across the room for changing supplies as it will to get to the bathroom so we might as well keep it all in the same place! Clothes wise I’m avoiding looking at newborn, first born items because Evie was 8lb3 at birth so we are going to start buying 0-3 months and 3-6 months stuff at first. I do have to be mindful that this baby is likely to come end of September, early October and there isn’t really a lot of winter clothes around right now…it all just feels like a bit of a waiting game. We did however buy these bibs because they are cute.

I’ve picked up my Emma’s Diary packs as well as my Mum to Be Bounty pack which has got us a lot of Bepantham and coupons which I will be using. I’m looking into buying eco-friendly disposables as well as some reusable nappies which we intend to use once we’ve adjusted a bit better to family life as four.

Weight Gain and Activity

Weight Gain Since 16 Weeks Pregnant: 2lbs
Total Weight Gain: 8lbs

So far I’ve been doing Aquafit with my best friend which I am loving and it is really helping my flexibility. I’ve also had a couple of Body Step sessions which I’ve been told maybe not to start half way through pregnancy but I’m staying hydrated, doing it without the step and squatting during the on the floor sessions. I won’t lie, the first session I did about 150 squats in an hour which absolutely killed my legs for three days afterwards. I was so stiff and sore. However, after that the sessions have left me feeling pretty good and not achey. I guess when you’re pregnant, just do what you think you can do and if it gets too hot, too dizzy, stop, drink and rest. I want to remain as active as possible for as long as possible. I want to get myself a pregnancy Yoga at home dvd and I’m going to my first Yoga class on Saturday morning. I’ve also been walking to and from school more now we’re not on school holidays.

21 Weeks Pregnant BMI 45+, Gender Reveal Pregnancy Update


Sciatica – Never had it with my previous pregnancy. I’m hoping to get a pregnancy support band to help a little. It goes away when I’ve rested but I worry it will be hard to cope with in those last few weeks Evie is back at school and I’m 38+ weeks pregnant. We will have to see how things go.

Pelvis Pain – again, not a lot, a few twinges, nothing sharp but more an ache. Again, I think a pregnancy support band will help and just resting.

Cravings – none really. I didn’t have any with Evie either.

Anxiety – it’s higher than normal but I’m coping and pushing myself to get out there because actually I feel better when I do. We’ve been really busy and I think our Holiday in July to Isle of Wight will really help me just get away from it all a little bit.

Skin soreness – again more to do with being overweight than anything. Just frustrating and sweaty. Lots of nice baths, non-fragranced soap, talcum powder and sudocream are helping though.

21 Week Anomoly Scan

I was a little anxious about the scan because I wanted to make sure all was okay really. The sonographer was amazing and talked us through every tiny measurement. Everything is where it should be and she was happy with everything she managed to see and measure as much as she could see but the baby firmly had their arms over the chest so we need to go back to check the heart, chest and main blood vessels. The scan was a really nice experience. We had to have a walk and a sugary snack to try and encourage the baby to move around a little bit and then another scan after about 40 minutes. The sonographer managed to check a few more things but not enough so we are waiting for the rescan date. The good news is everything looks perfect.

Gender Reveal Video

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  1. I loved the pregnancy reveal video and itโ€™s good to capture your other childrenโ€™s reactions. I did a really good pregnancy dvd at home, I will find it and let you know what it was called. It wasnโ€™t to strenuous and just a nice workout. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

    1. Author

      Ah thank you so much! Yes I wasn’t really sure how she would react to be honest but she seems pretty happy haha thank you that would be lovely!

  2. Aw the video was so cute. Love her little face and that she was excited for the sweets and teddy! My eldest would be MORE excited for the sweets. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

  3. Great post . Brought back so many memories… I just had my 3rd 4 weeks ago #BloggerClubUK

  4. Such an exciting time! I put on way more than 8lb in my pregnancy! Well done for keeping active ๐Ÿ™‚ #BloggerClubUK

  5. Oh wow – how exciting! So pleased it’s all going well – next stop, baby arrival announcement!

    Thanks for linking to #coolumclub

  6. Oh how lovely! Such fab news, boys are the best!! (don’t tell my girls that, haha!). Thank you for linking with #bigpinklink

  7. Awww! A little baby boy ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations again.
    You really haven’t gained much weight at all have you? and i think you really are glowing. Thank you for sharing with #stayclassymama

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