Alien Covenant Review

Alien Covenant – Film Review

I really like the Alien films. I’m rubbish with anything scary or ghosty but when it comes to blood, gore and aliens apparently it doesn’t psychologically scar me for life so I have been eagerly anticipating the newest prequel to Alien with Alien Covenant. As has Adam, in fact, I am pretty sure it was the highlight of his week.

I will avoid spoilers, as much as I can, but I was really shocked that some of the scenes from the trailer completely mislead me in the actual film. I mean that in a good way. In preparation for this we have rewatched the old classic Alien films and Prometheus. Alien Covenant is a prequel to the original Alien but the sequel to Prometheus. Apparently there are a fair few films to come in the lead up to the original Alien. Has the timeline confused you yet?

Alien Covenant Review

Anyway, Prometheus was a great film so my expectations for Covenant were pretty high. The film starts with an emergency situation on board the collonisation ship, Covenant, which is on route to a new planet. The crew is awoken early to fix the ship and whilst doing so pick up a transmission. They look into it and find it’s from a nearby planet that would be a closer and perhaps better planet for the colony on board. This leads the crew to decide to go and investigate. They land, and as you can imagine, everything pretty much goes wrong from there. It’s pretty much where the gore starts.

The gore is pretty graphic but it’s not constant for those that are a little on the squeamish side however the Aliens truly are relentless. It was interesting to see a different species of Alien and learn what really happened to Elizabeth Shaw. The film was really well done with a great mix of emotive character storytelling and fast paced, thrilling action. I really enjoyed it.

If you haven’t seen Prometheus, it’s available on Amazon.


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