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Back To School Essentials You Will Love + Giveaway

I can not believe we are talking back to school. The summer, whilst it seems like a lot of time at the end of July, really goes by so quickly and before you know it you’re buying new school uniform, the dreaded school shoe shop visit, new stationary and all sorts of other goodies to prepare your littles for getting back to school. Evie has had another massive growth spurt as well as wearing through three pairs of shoes and a pair of boots in Year 1. She’s in need of a new book bag, coat, shoes and of course all sorts of other goodies. September is a time for change and newness for me so I always really like getting new bits and pieces this time of year. Not to mention the choices around are lovely! I’ve collaborated with a selection of brands to bring a list of back to school essentials to help parents make that choice a little easier and direct them to some handy online shopping sites making buying those essentials just a little bit easier and why not take a look at this post for some top tips on back to school budgeting.

  1. School Uniform
    This seems to be available all over the place now and at really reasonable prices. I am loving the jumpsuit that we found for Evie in Asda. She loves wearing dresses but they look so short on her with her long legs that we thought a jumpsuit might be more suitable. It will probably help keep her tights up too!
  2. New Coat. I absolutely love this pink fluffy parker style coat from H&M which was an early gift for Evie for her birthday. She loves it too because it’s nice and fluffy and has a big hood. In fact she’s been asking to wear it for the last few days despite it being really warm.
  3. Lunchboxes
    I LOVE this two tier lunch box from The cat is super cute and the ‘More Food’ label on the second box makes me laugh. The lid of the second box can be used as a sort of plate and it comes with a plastic fork and spoon. It’s great that Evie has something that’s hers and this is the sort of lunch box you could easily pack on school trips too. Evie mostly has school dinners but there are days where she doesn’t like the options or I forget to hand in her lunch slip order for the week. I think this box would be great to take when travelling too.
    Cat Lunch Box Back To School Essentials
    If you feel this lunch box isn’t quite big enough of you want more insulation then this lunch box from Smiggle is absolutely perfect I think. There’s a top layer for smaller snacks and items and a deeper pocket for bigger items like sandwiches. Another perfect option for travelling or picnics too. Or, if like me, you really love Smiggle then this is a great lunch bag alternative to take to work.
    Smiggle Lunch Box Back To School Essentials
  4. Pens & Pencils
    Bic are a household name and leader when it comes to stationary and I love the brand new products available for children. The evolution pencils are wood free and have chew proof lead which is great to know. I was always chewing on pencils when I was younger, it’s a habit I haven’t quite kicked sadly! The evolution pencils are great for everyday drawing and colouring making them perfect for school age children. The Couleur Durable Case keeps pens and lids all in one which is a fantastic idea. I hate losing a pen lid and or even worse finding it embedded in my foot if I step on it! There is also the very lovely Kids Plastidecor crayons which are bright and colourful.
    Bic Pens and Pencils, Back To School Essentials

    I love this Unicorn Pencil holder and Evie loves it too. You have a chance to win one below in my competition below! Whilst this is mostly used at home at Evie’s age there are of course children that are going to need supplies for school as they get older. This also helps a lot with her creative homework projects and is a nice little accessory. I think this would make a lovely addition to a homework corner or work space for children. It’s nice when they have little bits that are more for them and I think it will encourage Evie to get on and do her homework if she has her own space with her own things.I’ve also received a Unicorn tape dispenser but I sneakily kept that back for me! Mostly because I want to supervise Evie using it but also because I like lovely and colourful tape for my planners. A tape holder like this is a fun accessory for students that want to colour code their planners and notes through their assignments too. So much can be personalised these days too and these pink pencils have Evie’s name on them – literally! Things can get mixed up and lost quite easily so already having your name on something is really handy so you always know which one is yours to use.
    Unicorn Back To School Supplies, Back To School Essentials
  5. Pencil Case
    Again, more for the older children I think as Evie mostly has all her things provided for her but she loves colouring so much and it makes sense to have a nice big pencil case for her to use. I like this one from Smiggle because it has two compartments which we have used to divide pens and pencils.
    Personalised Pencils and Smiggle Pencil Case
  6. Waterbottle
    Having a bottle of water at school helps children with concentration and so Evie’s get’s used a lot. Having one that’s personalised mean she always comes home with the right bottle! I love this Moon and Stars bottle with her name on it. It’s really cute, easy to hold and is a good size for her so she can drink throughout the day. You can get fabulous personalised gifts and there is a range of reusable water bottles at
    Smiggle also have a fantastic range of water bottles. I love the bright colours on this one and to be honest we are always getting out and about, it’s good to have choice and I think this one suits the older child or child in me at least! I love how the bottle is squishy too rather than solid, it just feels more fun.
  7. Notebooks
    Another personalised treat for Evie is this super cute notebook. I love notebooks and I’ve apparently passed that trait onto Evie who is ALWAYS asking for my paper. She likes to practise her writing a lot so having a lined notebook at home gives her a chance to write and practise story telling. She likes to write us little notes too so this notebook is absolutely ideal. For older children notebooks like these are great for keeping notes from lessons and they’re cute and fun too.
  8. Backpack
    Evie is getting older which means soon she’s going to be coming home with more stuff. She’s also starting swimming at school this year and a bookbag just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I love this personalised backpack from 
    The lovely pink rainbow design is perfect for her and something she absolutely loves. There are of course so many other options on the site with a whole range of designs and the ability to personalise. This particular bag has a nice big pocket for books and a lunchbox as well as a front pocket for smaller slips of paper, pens and pencils. A great bag and will be used for travel as well as school. I love a multipurpose product.
  9. Betty Box Subscription
    Now this one is more for tweens and teens really and with Evie just about to turn 7 I have a feeling that this is something that is quite scarily just around the corner. It seems so strange to think about periods now but I’ve known friends to be as young as nine and ten when they started. That really isn’t that far away for my tiny baby and I will absolutely want to make sure that time is as easy as possible for her. I remember talking about Flux boxes a while ago and I think they are a fantastic idea for women. Betty Box is similar but specifically designed for younger girls. In September the box is all about back to school so not only will the box have all the monthly sanitary items your daughter will need but it also comes with age appropriate treats. Betty Box is themed with back to school this month and features some great products. I think these boxes are just brilliant because its a really hard time of the month for the females of the world and I am all for making it a little easier on myself and giving my daughter (in the future!) something to really look forward to each month. I think Betty Box is a really lovely idea and I love the way the boxes are themed. I think this will be a big hit for many young girls and a real monthly treat in exchange for mother nature’s ‘gift’ to us womankind.9 Back To School Essentials You Will Love

Disclaimer: I received the above products in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own. 

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