Batman V Superman: Film Review

We recently went to see Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. You can watch my thoughts on film here:

And now you can read a bit more of what I thought…

Batman-vs-Superman-Dawn-of-JusticeSo it seems there’s been quite a lot of negativity surrounding the film which I don’t particularly agree with. I’ve always thought of myself as Team Marvel when it comes to Superhero films preferring, usually, to laugh a lot more during a film. However, the dark side of DC Comics does appeal to the more adult side of me these days and I’ve loved Batman since I was a child. However, I’ve never been interested in Superman until Henry Cavill took on the role or the other DC Superheroes. I’ll be pretty honest, I wasn’t impressed with Man of Steel…not because of the characters but simply because the film really dragged on and the end fight of total destruction was boring and unnecessary. So you can imagine that I wasn’t really thrilled about watching this. That mixed with the fact that when I found out Ben Affleck was going to be the new Batman I inwardly groaned. So really, I wasn’t actually looking forward to watching this and I didn’t particularly want to, I was kind of dreading sitting in a stuffy, packed cinema for almost three hours with a film I wasn’t sure would entertain me.

How wrong I was. 

If you enjoy Superhero films then I really think you’d like this one, especially if you like them a little darker. For those thinking of taking children to see the film I’d say it was suitable for kids around eight years and over. In the UK, it’s rated as 12A so really it’s up to you whether you want to let your children view the film. The violence isn’t particularly graphic, there’s minimal to no gore and one swear word so it completely depends on what you mind exposing your children to. My daughter is five, perhaps a bit too young for this film but I wouldn’t exactly freak out if she came into the living room whilst it was on TV.

Batman-V-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice 2I was incredibly impressed with Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. He brought back a little compassion to the role which I honestly think Christian Bale deprived Batman from in his series. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the other films but I just felt Affleck kinda brought him back to what I love about Batman. He was exactly right for the role despite what I originally thought. I really liked Superman in this film too, well, I liked the character in Man of Steel it was purely the fact that it was too long that put me off. Jesse Eisenberg made for an interesting Lex Luthor although he was almost a little bit too insane whereas from what I have been recently learned been told by the boyfriend  is that he’s more of a calculating, cold character that doesn’t really display a lot of emotion, be that insanity or else. Either way I thought all of the actors brought a great deal to the roles and I really enjoyed watching the film.


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