Review Songmics Children's Toy Storage Unit

The Big Bedroom Toy Tidy Up

Evie has a pretty small bedroom here in our two bed flat. With a bright red carpet, pink and white walls. Her bed is nice and comfy and is full of the soft toys she’s collected over the years. For the last few months, the number of toys she’s had has just been a little bit insane. A real tidy up and declutter was needed. It took us about a week to completely gut out the room and we’re left with the toys she actually plays with, her favourite books and, well, I think we’ll do a soft toy cull another day. I was out of energy and sick of the garish colours after five days and about ten bags later.

Why do children hoard so much rubbish? Honestly, now I know what my mum was on about. There was paper everywhere. Paper with scribbles, pictures, lines, bits missing, torn up, scrunched up, stuffed down the side of the bed…honestly, so much paper. There were also a lot of toys that Evie was a bit reluctant to get rid of but she hasn’t actually played with in years. Things like her toy kitchen, play food and other various things that she has outgrown. In fact, now we’ve cleared the place out I can safely say she plays with My Little Pony, Shopkins, Lego, makeup and she draws a lot. She also really does love her books and was not letting any of them go.

Colourful Toy Storage Unit For Childrens Bedroom

Thanks to the fantastically bright and colourful new toy storage unit from Songmics we were able to keep her very favourite things. The toy storage unit has four small boxes and two large boxes to keep toys together as well as three rows for books. I was a little apprehensive that the book rows were made of fabric. Evie’s last bookcase was a fabric holder one and the material wasn’t thick or sturdy enough. It could hold around six books which was no good for us. Thankfully the songmics material is much better and the three rows hold all of Evie’s books really nicely. The plastic toy storage boxes are also much better than the fabric ones we had before which were all collapsing in on themselves. It really was time for a bit of a bedroom makeover – honestly, despite no redecorating that’s what it felt like, the amount we got rid of. She now has a separate box for her drawing and colouring, a plastic toy box for her bigger toys and her Lego Blokpod which has a lot more Lego in it these days.

Her room now looks so much better and her toys are nicely organised and together thanks to the Songmics toy storage unit. I’m really impressed with how easy it was to put together too. I mostly did it myself and just got Adam to tighten up the screws when he came back from work to make sure it would actually stay together. The unit came flat packed and whilst the instructions were in German, the pictures were easy to follow and to be honest it was pretty obvious how to put it together. The unit can be mounted on the wall and comes with all the right screws for that too to keep it extra secure and stop it falling down on little fingers. I love the colours of the boxes too, it would suit any child’s room.

How do you store and organise your kid’s toys at home?

Disclaimer: We were sent the toy storage unit in exchange for this feature. All opinions are my own.

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