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Blackpool Zoo – Review

Our recent holiday was full of family friendly adventures, one of which was a trip to Blackpool Zoo which is a great day out.

Getting There

There is a few bus services from Blackpool town centre to get to the zoo so it is very easily accessible with public transport. One of the best ones is the one that seems to run during the summer holidays until late September and is the service 21 which runs to Stanley Park and the Zoo only. We managed to get the any 4 for £6 return ticket which was very good value for the four of us.I’m not sure how to get there by car but there is a large car park situated just outside where you are required to pay for parking.


We were very lucky that we had complimentary passes to enter the zoo which again saved us a great deal of money thanks to a family friend. An adult ticket is just under £17 and a child ticket is £12. There are cheaper options for seniors and students as well as family ticket deals available. It might work in your favour to plan ahead as there are plenty of discounts available online if you are booking more than 7 days in advance. The Zoo opens at 10am and is open daily until around 5pm, but this can change.

Our day in pictures at Blackpool Zoo

Our day in pictures at Blackpool Zoo

Choice of Animals

There are so many animals to see at the Zoo and there is a daily schedule of talks and feeds which helps to plan the day. The first thing to see when you walk through the gates is the amazing Giant Tortoises which I had never seen before so we did spend a good few minutes taking a peak at them. We didn’t get to see all the animals we would have liked to as it was very busy but we managed to get around a good portion of the Zoo.

My daughter was very keen to see the giraffes as they seem to be her favourite at the moment. There was a younger giraffe there which was lovely to see and a great big walkway for everyone to get a good high up view. One thing that would be handy is if the walkway had two ramps as you have to walk back on yourself to get off the walkway which gets very busy and crowded.

There was a lovely big Amazonian walkthrough as well which had lots of lovely birds and insects to observe which was very interesting and tried to create the feel of the amazon rainforest.

There was a small petting zoo which included rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, donkeys and chickens with a small play area for children and a pretend cow to milk – it took a while to get my daughter away from the cow as she was having a lot of fun! It was great to see lots of chances to interact with the animals. The big cats enclosure was great too, we saw a young tiger, around seven months old, laying by a water feature which came on as he was close and made him jump and made him very curious. The lion enclosure had a very young cub who was tucked up with his mother and was incredibly sweet to see.

There was a large wolf wood enclosure towards the back of the Zoo which featured a pack of wolves and it was really interesting watching their feeding and seeing them work together as a pack.

I think my favourite talk was the Sea lions who put on a fantastic show. We watched them dive, wave and clap through out which was quite special. This talk got very busy very quickly though and the arena was very full so it’s advisable to get their early to make sure you get a seat.

Other animals included an Elephant, Bongos, Gazelles, Orangutans, Gorillas, Lemurs, Love birds and Anteaters.

Some of the things we missed were the Zebras and Penguins so something to get around too next time.

Facilities and Activities

There is a very big play park for children with areas for older and younger children. Close to this are plenty of picnic benches and a small cafe selling hot and cold drinks, snacks like burgers, hotdogs and chips and ice cream. There is also a much larger cafe near the start of the Zoo close to a lake and again plenty of outside seating for picnics as well as an inside seating area. We didn’t eat at the Zoo so I don’t really know how much the food and drinks cost but it was mostly easy snacks and ice cream. As there is plenty of places to sit outside it would be a great chance to take a picnic if you want a healthier alternative.Again because we had a family friend with us we were able to take advantage of a few other activities for free. My daughter had her face painted which I believe was £4 per child as well as a go on the bouncy castle which she loved. There was also a large indoor soft play area in the entrance cafe to the zoo which was £1 per child. There is also a dinosaur safari which was really enjoyable to walk around.


We had a fantastic day at the zoo and my daughter loved having her face painted. There is a great choice of animals which plenty of talks throughout the day so you get a good chance to see plenty of the animals in action and learn more about them. Staff were friendly and facilities and toilets were clean. The Zoo is pretty accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs as it’s mostly flat or features ramps instead of stairs so it’s suitable for everyone.


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