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Blokpod Lego Storage – Review

Blokpod, Lego, Storage, Kids Storage, Lego Storage, Bedroom StorageI don’t know about you but we are a family that does Lego. At least, we have been for the last twelve months or so when my daughter started taking an interest in the smaller blocks rather than her Duplo sets. She particularly likes the Lego Friends franchise. We started building our Lego collection with the little packets you can get with the animal homes which then moved on to bigger boxes as the year has gone past. Since then we’ve accumulated a fair bit and it was getting everywhere. We had about three boxes for the stuff and a draw full of the bigger pieces that didn’t quite fit as well as a few of my daughters creations that she’s made by herself and didn’t want to take apart.

Thanks to the team at Blokpod we have a solution which is an amazing, innovative and creative storage compartment designed to store Lego. We received our Blokpod in exchange for an honest review of it’s use for our Lego storage needs and IΒ can also inform you of a discount available if you intend to purchase your own Blokpod, details of which are at the bottom of this post.Β Lego Storage, Blokpod

Blokpod is available on Amazon and currently retails for Β£44.99. It’s a storage device with four plastic compartments which are fitted together with different sized grid trays in between each compartment. You don’t even need to spend time seperating the Lego pieces into each compartment which we found very handy as we had so many boxes of it. You simply place the Lego in the top and shake until the Lego has fallen through. The smallest pieces will be at the very bottom and the largest at the top. I really think this is a clever design and I love that you just shake it to sort it rather than having to sort it yourself. It’s time saving and it looks great. I love the circular design and even though it’s quite tall you can see that you can fit in quite a lot of Lego in each compartment.

Lego Storage, Blokpod, kids bedroom storage

My daughter was really impressed with the Blokpod exclaiming how big it is. She also loved giving it a good shake. The lid fits on very well and is quite tight so it’s not something she can open up on her own (hurrah!) and it doesn’t really look out of place in her bedroom fitting nicely at the end of her bed.


Pros –

Space Saving
Comes already put together
Clear plastic design
Can be used for other building type toys
Can hold around 2,000 blocks

Cons –

It can’t really be put under the bed like the boxes but it’s not too large and doesn’t take up much space

If you’re interested in purchasing a Blokpod for your home and storing Lego you can find it on Amazon. To take advantage of 20% off your purchase all you need to do is sign up to the Blokpod website.

Blokpod, Storage


Disclaimer: I received a Blokpod in exchange for an honest review on the product. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh that does look good – we have so much LEGO and not enough LEGO storage #TriedTested

    1. Author

      We were really impressed with how much it holds and the size too. πŸ™‚

  2. That looks fantastic, but too pricey for me even with the 20% offer. We have lots of lego here #TriedTested

    1. Author

      I have to admit, even I quite like the Lego Friends sets but you’re right the pieces are so easily lost! x

  3. Sooo much easier than the mummy enforced plastic lunchbox storage of each set within 2 big plastic boxes!! The OCD in me loves that it is size sorted!

  4. These look like a great idea! We have a houseful of Lego, both my older two love the stuff – as does my husband… At the moment they have them all built up and displayed on shelves. This would be great for when they finally decide they want them down, but not got rid of! x

    1. Author

      Definitely! My daughter has never liked the finish creation and constantly remakes so it’s great for her or any odd bits you ever find around πŸ™‚ can also be used for other things like Kinex I believe πŸ™‚

  5. That lego storage is definitely a must-have! My daughter loves them too, while I’m also a big fan, I hate it when I end up stepping on it and when it’s time to clear them away. x

  6. Hi kat, this Lego storage box is a wonderful idea. When I was growing up we had tins and tins of the stuff, which we loved playing with but hated sorting. The idea of just loading the Lego int the top of the container and shaking is very appealing. Unfortunately my Two are way past their Lego playing days, but if they weren’t it’s certainly something I’d consider buying.


  7. I have never heard of Blokpod before but it looks like a fantastic way of storing Lego pieces! It is on the pricey side but ultimately I think its worth it!

  8. Looks like a great product! We’ve been collecting Lego as a family since my eldest was a wee thing, and he’s nearly 16 now. We have a LOT.

  9. Such a great solution, my feet will be most grateful :p #BloggerClubUK

  10. I like the look of this! I have two lego lovers in the house and we have boxes of bricks everywhere!

  11. Oh my house is swamped in Lego but we do LOVE it. This looks like a great solution!!! Thanks

  12. The blockpod looks like a great solution for storing lego! We have ours in shoe boxes in the closet which sometimes get spilled & result in total disaster. I like how the blockpod has different layers – great design idea! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #bloggerclubuk x

  13. My son loves legos and they are coming out of our ears, I’m constantly looking for storage solutions. I’m going to check this out I really like the concept. Thanks for sharing your review. #bloggerclubuk

  14. My sister could have done with this as a kid! We aren’t quite at the Lego age yet in this house so I have a few more years before finding them stuck in hover

    1. Author

      And stuck everywhere else! I found some in a drawer today, one where we keep things like keys and screwdrivers. No idea how it got there!

  15. Interesting–I’ve never seen a storage system like this. Hmm, something to think about.

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