Bobble It Picture Perfect Review

Bobble It Picture Perfect Toy Review

Mess free fun is high up there on my arts and crafts list so being offered the chance to review the Bobble It Picture Perfect set from Addo Play has been a bit of a highlight this last week of the summer holidays. The Bobble It Picture Perfect set is currently available to buy in the Entertainer with an RRP of £12. At the time of writing this review it’s on offer for £6 which is an absolute bargain for what you get. Evie and I really enjoyed making our photo frames and pictures from the set and I was surprised with how much fun it was.

Bobble It Picture Perfect Review

Bobble It is this strange compound that is sticky, a bit slimy but isn’t messy. It’s so easy to shape, craft, mould and stretch and a little bit goes a really long way when creating these little works of art. I would absolutely choose to buy Bobble It products again in the future as an arty activity. One of these kits is the perfect rainy day activity and it provided Evie with a good hour or so of fun. She really loved all the different colours and stretching them over the pictures to create her own little photo frame. There aren’t any instructions inside the pack but you find out how to store the bobble it compound on the back of each pack. The packs are really stiff and hard to open too with the air seal so may require an adult to help open the packs up. The product is for ages 5+ and with Evie being (almost) 7 she didn’t really have a problem with filling in the picture. She found the bobble it compound a lot of fun to handle and really loved stretching and shaping it to fit the pictures.

Bobble It Picture Perfect Review

In the box was two card frames where you had a picture to fill in and then a frame to decorate on the other side. The pack comes with a frame holder and five different colours of the Bobble compound. We also received two extra bags of Bobble It to play with. Bobble it is reusable if you keep it in a air tight seal as it air dries. As I said above a little really does go a long way and you can stretch and smooth out the compound to create 3D effects on your pictures. We both did a photo frame each.

Bobble It Picture Perfect Review

The bobble it compound doesn’t need any water or anything you simply open it up and you can start crafting with it straight away. It’s slimy to touch but doesn’t stick to hands and is very easy to shape into the pictures you want. You then press down to create your frames and artwork into the shapes you want. It isn’t wet feeling but it feels a lot different when dried. It sort of has a sticky texture to it which is so strange. It sticks easily to the card frames in the pack.

Bobble It Picture Perfect Review

Overall the Bobble It Picture Perfect set was a super fun arty activity which we really enjoyed. It would make a fantastic present and if I had known about Bobble It I would have stocked up on some for Evie’s birthday. I think this will be a big hit in the Winter so recommend heading down to the Entertainer or checking them out online especially whilst they’re on offer!

Bobble It Picture Perfect Review

Disclaimer: I received the Bobble It Picture Perfect kit and two additional bags of Bobble It for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own.

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