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Colour Graphics do a wide range of marketing materials. I recently received an offer to review 50 custom business cards. I was really hoping that the cards would come for the #BigBloggerExpo I attended but sadly they came a day late which was a bit of a shame but it just means I have a very good reason to go out to more events and I’m really glad I have cards with up to date details on them.

My sister is currently studying graphic design at university and she was able to design my cards for me. I was so impressed with what she designed and I absolutely love how they’ve turned out on card. Getting a custom order isn’t too difficult with Colour Graphics, you simply place your order as you would for what you need and then upload your designs. The artistic guidelines found on the bottom of each item’s page is very good at explaining what size you need for the absolute best quality.

I went for 50 double sided 400gsm un-laminated cards which would usually cost £23. I’m not sure how I feel about the price really, I do think they are more on the expensive side but as they are offering a chance to size the image perfectly and for you to just upload an image directly to their site then I suppose the extra work done on their side is what makes them a higher value item. However, I was expecting them to be exceptional quality even though I picked the lowest quality level, because of the price. I am very happy with the cards and they do look great but as I own a small business that doesn’t generate a fortune I am still very much in the market of looking for quality and a competitive price.

Overall I am really happy with the cards and they do look good. I am really looking forward to handing these out when I go to events and I have to say my sisters design is fantastic.

Disclaimer: I received 50 cards in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain my own.

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