Dark Souls 3 – Review

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My oh my what a game! I feel like this pretty much sums up the review to be honest. I have thoroughly enjoyed Dark Souls over the past few years and it is probably my second favourite game franchise. Dark Souls 3 really does have an ‘end’ feel about it and as From Software have already said this will be the last in the series I can’t help but feel this whilst playing through.

For those of you that don’t know Dark Souls is sort-of RPG without lots of lengthy cut scenes. It’s probably one of the most thought provoking and theorised games I’ve ever come across and every time I play I come away with less answers and more questions surrounding the story and lore. I just absolutely love it. The first in the series of Souls games was a PS3 exclusive by the name of Demon Souls which was, and probably remains actually, the hardest game I’ve ever played but the story really gripped me in a way other combat focused games haven’t before. Demon’s Souls set the platform to really launch Dark Souls and in the last five years the games have been a pretty big part of my life.

Photo Credit: Dark Souls 3 Official Site

Photo Credit: Dark Souls 3 Official Site

Dark Souls 3 has been firmly placed in our PS4 for the last few weeks now with both Adam and I playing it to great length. After playing this and then looking back over Dark Souls 2 this was the sequel to the first game I have been waiting for. Whilst I really enjoyed the second game, it just feels more and more out of place in a way from the first and third and that’s largely due to the locations in both games as well as some of the NPC’s and just the general feeling and gameplay. Dark Souls 3 seems to have taken the best of both parts of it’s predecessors as well as given in to a few fan wants and combined it all into this lovely, graphically stunning, challenging and interesting game.

I have loved it, and will probably continue to do so for a fair few new game plus’s to come.

Dark Souls 3 is a little different to it’s predecessors in the sense that you are no longer a hollow, well…at least you don’t have to be. Instead you play the role of an unkindled and you’re mission throughout the game is to bring together the Lords of Cinder, or at least collect their Ashes. Fire is, as it always has been, a huge part of the game and this time so is Ash. Ash is one of the key words and items throughout the play through and can help enhance your character in terms of buying new gear to equip, making game play easier or harder. The story throughout has many interesting and new characters but it brings back some of my personal favourites, or at least a nod to, from the first game.

Photo Credit: Dark Souls 3 Official Site

Photo Credit: Dark Souls 3 Official Site

Both games we’ve played through have had different starting characters – a Knight and a Pyromancer. I like to play games either at a cautious distance or right in the face of an enemy, Adam likes to focus on parry, riposte and backstabs, he plays with a bit more intelligence than I do, I am much more of a button basher! Both tactics can work well and horribly wrong throughout this game. The game is challenging, but in a really good way. It can really play to your strengths if you know what you’re doing and as we’ve both absolutely loved the rest of the series we sort of knew what to expect in terms of combat and enemies.

Combat throughout the game is much the same as it has been focusing on swordplay, magic and miracles. Learning how to play the game is a huge part of the fun. It’s challenging in all the right places whilst having moments of peace for you to take the time to appreciate the surroundings and locations you find yourself in. Like before some battles take some serious consideration whilst some can be tackled pretty easily.

There are plenty of interesting lore relating items, hidden areas and optional bosses. There are lots of moments that made me feel a little on the sad side, as you learn the fate of at least two peaceful characters from the first game. Overall this is an excellent game, I’ve loved playing it and I really hope there’s some DLC that will link all three together.