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Earl of Sandwich – Disney Village

The first place we went to eat in Disneyland was Earl of Sandwich which is a counter service dining option located close to the lake in the Disney Village. It was ideal as it was on our way from the hotel and towards the park.

Earl of Sandwich

There was a choice of hot sandwiches, wraps, pizza, pasta and a few other quick and light options. The sandwiches were priced at €6.95 each so we went with those and the child’s sandwich meal deal as it came with a pudding and a drink. We already had a bottle of something to drink with us so just bought an extra bottle of water which was over €3. All together we spent just under €25 there which isn’t too bad for lunch but as it is a Disney place you expect to pay a little more.

Ordering is very simple you just inform the cashier what you would like and she gives you a beeper as all the food is made fresh to order. You then pay and head to find a table. It was dead when we went there as it was only 11.30am and as we hadn’t had a real breakfast that morning due to travelling we all felt we needed something warm at this point. Once you find a table you wait until it vibrates and then head to the collection point to collect your food.

My daughter had a warm turkey and cheese sandwich with a chocolate pudding and a lemonade. I had a really delicious chicken chipotle with avocado sandwich and my partner went for the Italian sandwich. We all really enjoyed them but they were quite small for the amount we paid. However, we had budgeted correctly for this trip and I already knew what we would need to pay to eat here so I wasn’t really overly bothered about the size. It was tasty, warm and it did fill me up which is the main thing.

earl of sandwich, disney village
Mini Kat enjoying her lunch

You don’t really get a lot of service other than ordering food but that wasn’t a problem as we wanted something quick so we could head into the Disney parks and start exploring. There was a lot of seating both inside and out and I expect on a summer day the outside eating area next to the lake would make a great spot for a quick bite. There was even an upstairs area however you couldn’t really see into the parks as it was a bit far back for that.

Toilets are situated on the ground floor and are unisex. There were two cubicles inside and I imagine that would be near impossible to use when it’s very busy. Luckily that wasn’t the case for us and I found them clean and in good working order.

earl of sandwich, disneyland paris, disney village

Overall, Earl of Sandwich is a nice place for a quick bite to eat around lunch time. Some of the larger items like pizza were obviously a bit more expensive but would have most likely been a bit more filling.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a lovely place to eat 🙂

  2. Useful information to know. It’s always a bit baffling to know where to eat when you’re in big places like Disney so having a quick summary will be really helpful for people visiting 🙂

    1. Oh I know tell me about it! There are about 24 places to eat there so a huge amount of choice!

  3. Love reading all about Disney! I’m hoping to take my youngest back there in a couple of years

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was a great holiday! We will be back next year for the 25th Anniversary.

  4. I have to say there is some exciting food combinations here- everything tastes better when there is avacado involved- but sadly I am a veggie. Did they have any good veggie options?

    1. I’m pretty sure there were a few veggie options! There’s a website called Disneyland Paris Guide which has all the menus, we used that to plan where we wanted to eat before we went to get a rough idea of prices 🙂

  5. What a fantastic name for an eatery, ha! I love it! 😀

    1. When I told my daughter the name she found it so funny! So she insisted we went there!

  6. Love the name of the place! I love Disney and can’t wait to go back one day. Kaz x

  7. Sarah-Jane (@craftymama087) says:

    Great name. I’ve not been to Disney since i was wee but i can imagine its expensive. This didn’t sound too bad 🙂

    1. Shopping around and booking at the right time can give you a great deal for a great price! Sometimes you can get the 2 nights free and free meal plan at the same time if you book right which really makes it worth it 😀

  8. We have not visited Disney although intend to at some point so its good to know just how expensive food can be. I think you are totally right on your budgeting, if you allow for it then it becomes a lot less stressful!

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