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Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

I’ve been working with the fabulous Eden’s Semilla recently, you may have read my post on the many uses of Jojoba Oil here. I’ve been using their essential oils for a little while now and I am so impressed with the quality of the oils, the fragrances available and, of course, the price. I received two sets and 4 individual essential oils to try and I’ve since been finding ways to use them in the home and what their properties are for.

Essential Oils are great to use in oil burners to create a wonderfully fragranced home. My favourites to burn are Sweet Orange and Cinnamon, espeically mixed together. I think these two work perfectly together and give a subtle spice smell to the home reminding me of Christmas. It’s going to be my festive scent of the year.

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Lavender Oil

This is Mini Kat’s favourite. She loves a few drops in her bath to help her relax in the evening, a few drops on her pillow and rubbed into her feet to help her sleep at night. She doesn’t have trouble sleeping through but she does have an issue with drifting off so using the lavender oil has really been helping her to relax. She finds it a very soothing scent.

Eucalyptus Oil

I know that this will come in handy should any of us get colds this Autumn. Adding a few drops and steaming up the bathroom really helps to clear my head and breathe better through the nose. It’s great for helping to get rid of congestion.

Pine Tree Oil

Pine tree essential oil can be used in cleaners as it has natural antibacterial properties. I’ve mixed a few drops of this with water in a spray bottle to give kitchen sides a wipe down in the evening. I love knowing that the clean scents in my home are natural fragrances and that we’re not breathing in lots of unnecessary chemicals. I’ve not had any skin irritations using this either and the smell lingers for ages.

Cinnamon Oil

As well as being lovely in a burner this is a great oil for the skin as its a natural anti inflammatory and helps to reduce redness. This is a great one for skin conditions such as acne and breakouts as it helps to calm them down.

I’m still getting to grips with using the other oils but they all smell amazing and I’m looking forward to learning about the many uses of these oils. The oils are a good size and a few drops really do go a long way. I love the packaging for the oils too, they come in lovely little boxes and presented really nicely. Head on over to Eden’s Semilla website for more information on their oils.

Do you use essential oils often? What’s your favourite?


Disclaimer: I received this in exchange for an amazon review and blog post. All opinions remain my own.


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