Globenfeld White Super Sport Watch Review

Adam likes a good watch but he hasn’t had a working one for quite some time so when I had the chance to get him a Globenfeld Sports Watch he was pretty happy to say the least. The watch arrived in this really lovely presentation box which I think makes all the difference. It makes it an ideal gift and really shows off the watch the moment you open it.

Globenfeld White Super Sport Mens Watch Review

The watch is pretty big and came as a one size so Adam needed to remove a couple of links. He actually learned to do that himself which was very impressive. As the watch is his, rather than mine I had to ask his opinion of it and he is overall really happy with it.

The watch is great! It’s a bit heavy on the wrist and did take a bit of time getting used to but I really like all the functions it has. Whilst I was getting used to it I did bang it a few times if I was too close to the door frame or wall and I was worried I’d damaged it at one point but thankfully that didn’t happen. The watch is a really nice colour and works really well. As it’s quite heavy it’s best to lay it on it’s side when not wearing it. I found laying it face down would, the weight would press a button which might change the time or put the stop watch on. I didn’t want to wear down the battery so quickly. It’s comfortable to wear and has great features like the stop watch, telling the weather and it’s really smart looking. I’m happy with it.

I think the Globenfeld sports watch makes a really nice gift and I’m so glad it’s something I see Adam wearing every day now.

Globenfeld White Super Sport

Disclaimer: I received this watch in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own.

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