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Growing Gourmet Mushrooms with Grocycle

For the second time in my life I have grown something with warmth, love and care. The first was my child, the second was this big box of mushrooms that we have been growing this month. I am so impressed that they have actually grown – I didn’t doubt the product at all but I did question my ability a little. However, this has been so much fun and so easy I have to thank the team at Grocycle for sending us the box.

GroKids gourmet mushrooms

When the box arrived I was surprised at the size of it but I was pleased to see not only did we have the box to grow the mushroom but also an activity sheet and some dried Oyster mushrooms to use instantly. I thought this was a really lovely touch as I could show Mini Kat what we would be growing and she could feel, taste and smell what they would taste like.

growing mushrooms at home, grow gourmet mushrooms

The activity pack had a few little games inside as well as a recipe for mushroom burgers which we have yet to make.

The instructions were easy to follow. First you cut a 10x10cm cross in the bag, careful not to cut into the soil and then leave to soak overnight. You then drain off the excess water, pop it back in the box and spray it the open cross twice a day. You should be able to harvest two crops of mushrooms within 14 days of opening and setting up.

oyster mushrooms, grow mushrooms at home

For the first few days nothing really seemed to happen and I honestly thought I had failed. However, a few little bumps appeared one day and then the mushrooms really started to come through. It wasn’t long before they were huge.

growing gourmet mushrooms, grokids gourmet mushrooms in coffee grounds

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  1. Very cool! We eat a lot of mushrooms in our house (although the kids don’t think they like them) so this would be a fun experiment! Thanks for sharing. 😀

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