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Halloween Bubble Brews…Pumkin Bubble Bar Review.

I love when limited and seasonal editions of products are on sale. On my recent trip to Lush I was able to see the upcoming Halloween products and thought this little pumpkin style bubble bar was really cute. Named ‘Pumkin’ the bubble bar is a revamped edition of the mothers day Mumkin earlier in the year which I didn’t have the chance to use. I couldn’t wait to try this little bar out though.

Bubble Bars
Bubble Bars are Lush’s version of Bubble Bath, a solid, breakable shape filled with all sorts of scents and colours to create mounds of bubbles. They’re great because they have minimal packaging and are vegan products. Most Bubble Bar’s can last around 3-6 baths or maybe more, depending on how much you use and the size of the bubble bar. I’ve made some of mine last quite a long time but I think this one will probably last another three baths.Pumkin
This bubble bar is orange in colour with a yellow top and green leaf as well as a liquorish piece for a stalk. It’s very cute. It has two little eyes which give it that adorable look. I really like the size of this pumkin it feels fairly light in my hand and is one of the softer bubble bars that Lush has. The scent is musky, floral and spicy and I really like it as I think it is a perfect scent for this time of year. Lush recommends to use this with the Figs and Leaves soap as the scents are very similar and it does have a bit of a soapy after-smell to it. Or, of course if you are a fan of Figs and Leaves then you might like this bubble bar too! The main fragrance is Ylang Ylang and Orange Flower Absolute which are quite strong scents in the bar but give a lovely subtle spice in the bathroom. It’s a real earthy type scent again mirroring the time of year that we’re in and is just really nice. The scent hasn’t really got into my skin but my skin does feel lovely and soft and very moisturised. That is because there is quite a lot of oil in these bubble bars so it leaves the skin feeling soft.

The Pumkin creates lots of bubbles and they last for a good twenty minutes or so in the bath so plenty of time for a nice relaxing soak with that spicy fragrance. I’ve found the scent really relaxing and quite sleepy after use so I think this, for me, is best suited for use just before getting ready for bed. It has really helped me to unwind. Usually the bubble bars make the water rich colours however I’ve found with orange coloured bars and ballistics they go a not so nice colour although I think it depends on how much you use. At first this gives a vivid orange colour but when diluted it goes more of a light brown. It’s supposed to be like an orange rust colour. Either way the colour of the water isn’t really very important but it’s something I noticed.I am really impressed with how soft this has left my skin feeling and I am really looking forward to using it in a few other baths. The Bubble Bar is £2.75 from Lush.pumkin


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