JoJo Bodacious Bow & JoJo Siwa Light Up Microphone Review

Evie has wanted a JoJo Bow for ages so you can imagine just how thrilled she was to receive a JoJo Bow and a JoJo Microphone recently. I have to admit I didn’t realise it was a whole big thing until I started seeing these beautiful big bows in all the girls hair at school drop off. Then I found out about JoJo Siwa, the young girl behind the Bodacious Bow and lots of other lovely merchandise, toys and accessories. JoJo Siwa is a singer, dancer and youtuber that kids, particularly Evie, are loving right now. There are lots of other exciting JoJo products coming out which I can’t wait to see and I’m sure Evie can’t wait to get her hands on. The Bodacious Bows have been a big hit and I’ve seen them pretty much everywhere. Evie has been eyeing up hair and Claire’s Accessories with envy. We were sent a beautiful big Yellow JoJo bow with a rainbow coloured hair clip on which was incredibly cute. Evie couldn’t wait to wear it to school and show her friends and apparently her teacher was a big fan of the new streak of rainbow in her hair.

The bow clips into the hair with a big clip that Evie (aged 7) finds easy to clip in and remove. We’ve added it to the top of her ponytail in the picture below. I love the silver heart detail across the bow and the bright yellow is such a nice colour that really suits Evie. You can clearly see the pink in the hair extension accessory but there’s a little blue tucked in there too. JoJo Bows come in all sorts of colours with accessories too so you can get one that truly fits the personality of your child and match them with so many outfits. They’re a really fun and cute accessory.

The JoJo Microphone, available at The Entertainer, is going to make an excellent stocker filler this Christmas I think. It comes with batteries and your child can sing along to JoJo using the microphone. The Microphone also lights up and I found it really cool that it was MP3 compatible which means it can link up and play other songs too. It also has a working microphone mode and music mode. The microphone features a few key phrases from JoJo and is a really lovely coloured toy with the bright purple body and a big pink sparkly bow to match. An ideal gift for any little singing superstar. Evie loves to give little shows and practise the songs she does at choir so it’s nice to give her a prop to use too.

You can find the JoJo Light Up Microphone in good toy stores and it’s available on Amazon. Being able to take a look at it in store gives you the ability to press a few buttons, hear the song Boomerang play and get a feel for the item which I think is always a good idea with musical toys.



Disclaimer: I received these items in exchange for this honest review. All opinions remain my own. 

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