June Review Roundup

June 2017 Review Roundup

We’re at the end of June already! This month has gone by so fast it’s crazy. We’ve had a pretty good month, E’s report came home and it was glowing – sort of as expected really as she seems to be brilliant everywhere else but here…moving on, I was so proud. She also, finally, has her first wobbly tooth which is sticking to her stringy gum at the moment and taking a while to come out. She can’t stop wobbling it which does surprise me a bit because she has a really low pain tolerence level and even cutting her nails is terrifying for her. We’ve been preparing things for our summer holiday next month and mapping out where to go in Cornwall! We are hoping for a visit at St Michaels Mount and Seal Sanctuary. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I’ve also been an official blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week which has been amazing. I have learned so much from this exclusive free training that has just made me so happy. I have so many ideas buzzing around about the future of my blog and the direction I want to move in. I finally feel like I have a bit of clarity which is fantastic. I’ve also been continuing with my weightloss losing a few extra pounds which is great and I’ve been working out pretty much every day. Adam and I are about to do a 15 day workout and nutrition challenge which will hopefully give us a big weightloss boost before holiday. We are planning on having a very active holiday with loads of walking, swimming every day and still contiuing to eat healthily but also not worrying too much about what we’re eating and drinking.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favourite products this month that I’ve been lucky enough to review. E has also got a few nice pieces which have made her really happy and there’s nothing better than seeing your little monkey smile and squeal with delight at little treats. A massive reason why I love and appreciate blogging SO much – giving my family a chance to enjoy nice things, treats and new experiences is amazing.

June Review, Disney Princess Cushion, Customied Disney Princess Items

E received this gorgeous customised Disney Princess cushion from Customised by Me which has a massive range of customisable Disney items. There is so much to choose from on their site and they make lovely gifts for family, friends and Disney lovers of any age. E loved her cushion so much, it was so much bigger than I thought and really lovely and soft. She sleeps with it every single night and loves that it has her name on.

June Review, Jungle Jam Brazil Book

E also received a new book from Jungle Jam and their new story all about Brazil. I love that the journey of music is going around the world and Evie can now read this by herself which is so much progress to when she received the first book. She loved the story and her favourite character is Ella the elephant. It’s a really lovely book and so nice to have something celebrating music and cultures from around the world.

I received a gorgeous copper letter basket for my desk which has made it look so much tidier and so much more functional. I love it. It’s a great product from Red Candy who have so many amazing products to showcase. I was really torn between this and a fox lamp but really I didn’t have anywhere to put the lamp. I love the quirky designs all over the site.

Red Candy Quirky Homewares, Copper Letterbasket, June Review

This Nail Elixir and Polish from Leighton Denny nails. The colour is gorgeous, long lasting and the Elixir is collagen pumping for natural nail growth and strengthening. It makes a lovely coating, is quick and easy to apply and the gorgeous purple colour is a favourite of mine now! I love the colour, perfect for summer.

Leighton Denny Nail Elixir, June Review


Disclaimer: I was sent the above items in exchange for this feature and review. All opinions remain my own.


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