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Just Us Box – Tricks and Treats

I was recently asked if I wanted a chance to review the October Just Us box and I jumped at the chance. JustUs is a box subscription service that can be purchased as a gift, a one off or for up to 12 months and contains a box of items for couples to have a fun filled date night. Life is busy these days isn’t it? We have kids, jobs and hobbies that make things feel like they’re moving too quickly and that can sometimes lead us to take advantage the people we have in our life.

As a couple, it’s really easy to take the person we love, our partners, husbands or wives, for granted. Sometimes we sort of forget how to spend time together and just enjoy being with each other. Sometimes we get stuck in the same old routine and when we have a child free evening, we don’t really know what to do. Often on a child free night I’ll be working on the blog, reading or on my phone and Adam will be playing video games or watching some series that doesn’t really interest me. This is fine, we’re comfortable to just be with each other but sometimes it would be nice to be a bit different. Just Us box is designed to get couples talking, having fun and creating a bit of intimacy again.

Just Us box is great and as I got this box complimentary for this blog post I am seriously considering subscribing in time for next months box which at the time of writing the theme is Feast and I am so intrigued by what will be inside! I also love mystery and surprise boxes and this is perfect because it gives you itemsĀ  to create a really fun evening.

Each box has three mini themes which are Love, Laugh and Lust and has a few games, activities and items. My family read my blog so I’m not going to openly go into the Lust section for obvious reasons…plus it’s nice to have a little surprise with these things!

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So whats in our Tricks and Treats Just Us Box?
2 Skull mason jars for drinks – I love these and Adam was really happy that he finally got one as Evie and I have a few!
2 Haribo Tangtastic
2 Vanilla biscuits – absolutely delicious. These were shaped like a Pumpkin and a Coffin for the theme
2 masks
Booklet of games, questions and quizzes and a delicious recipe for Chilli Chocolate Cupcakes
Handmade massage bars shaped like pumpkins, warming and very delicious smelling. They reminded me of Lush massage bars.
A pack of playing cards
Comical head massager
Silly String
Halloween Temporary Tattoos
Maybe a little something else too…

What did we think?

We had our date night on a Friday evening. We set everything up on our coffee table and filled up our skulls with Honey Jack Daniels and lemonade. We divided up the sweets and treats and opened up our little booklet that got our evening started. There were a couple of themed quizzes and the idea of the games are that the winner gets a treat and the loser gets a trick! The treats are things like the massage bars & sweet treats but then I’m not sure I’d want Adam to jump at me and spray me with Silly String! We are, however, going to make use of it for Halloween.

My favourite game involved the playing cards as they really got us talking and having a proper giggle. Hearing how we would plan the perfect murder was eye opening! I think I ended up being some sort of killer clown to disguise myself…Adam just wanted to push someone off a cliff. Hearing him talk about the last person he was really angry with was understandable and made me see sometimes he can doubt himself a bit, and the reasons why he was angry were completely understandable. Sometimes, I don’t know how Adam can keep his cool whereas he calls me a small ball of rage. We had a lot of fun doing monster impressions and howling at the moon…although we did chicken out and do it from inside!

The next set of games were questions and scenarios which again really got us talking and having fun. That’s what this box is designed to do! We had a really nice evening with some drinks and snacks, our phones out of reach and the TV off. It was really nice to just spend time together, laughing and talking. That’s what makes me want to subscribe. If you want a fun night in with your partner or your stuck for some date night ideas then I really recommend giving Just Us box a go.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Just Us Tricks and Treats box for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own.


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