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Karma Cola – Review

As much as I love trying to be healthy and drinking water I also like the occasional treat and soft drinks are something I love, I especially love to try new products. I was recently sent a package with three new drinks including Karma Cola, Gingerella and Lemony Lemonade to review and now my whole family has sampled each one I am delighted to share my opinion with you on them. You can find out more information about Karma Cola here.

karama cola

Firstly I wanted the chance to try this product because I love the message that the company stands for and I like to think that using organically sourced, small business or fair trade products are a way of me doing my bit and helping to give back to those that I can’t reach out to right now. Karma Cola has that message throughout each of it’s products and creates recipes from ingredients that are sourced fairly and with profit going back to the families of the farmers that grow the produce used to make those drinks. I love the Drink No Evil message too as I think it’s a bit of a play on words really. You’re drinking ingredients that are raw and unprocessed as well as buying from a fair trade promoter.

karma cola

The first thing we noticed about the drinks were the creative and fun designs on the glass bottles. They have a sort of 70’s retro vibe which I absolutely love. I think it makes for a really interesting talking point as well as they look like designer drink bottles.

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We were all really excited to try these as they sounded delicious. The first we tried was the bottle of Karma Cola itself. This drink kind of reminded me of Raw Pepsi and Coke Life which are supposedly more natural ingredients however I do think this is much more ‘raw’ as the ingredients inside are very minimal. Karma Cola is made from the Cola nut which is crushed, mixed with water and alcohol to extract the flavour and then the alcohol is evaporated off. Apparently the cola nut is quite intense and can be quite bitter so this is mixed with vanilla, cane sugar and malt to enhance the sweetness and colour. The only other additon is water and bubbles to make it a soft drink and then it’s ready to be bottled. There are no preservatives, phosphoric acid, fructose, con syrup or ‘e’ numbers which make it a pretty raw product if you ask me. The key behind Karma Cola and it’s great taste is natural ingredients and pure sparkling water. It’s a very sweet carbonated drink however it tastes lovely.

The Gingerella ginger ale was probably my favourite as it was so light and refreshing. The fizz was nice but not too much and the fiery taste of ginger was unmistakable. Ginger is supposed to be really great for the body and the source for the Ginererlla drink comes from Sri Lanka. Again this is a fairtrade product which ensures that the farmers of the ginger earn a premium for every bottle.

The last one we tried was the Lemony lemonade which had a cloudy lemonade taste however that just makes me think there’s more good stuff in there. The lemons for this drink are from Sicily where they are exposed to loads of sunlight making them really juicy. They are organically grown too which makes these drinks taste so good.

Karma cola, lemonade, soft drinks, karma cola review

Overall these are three really tasty drinks with a fantastic message behind them. They’re available nationwide at Waitrose stores and online and the RRP is £1.59 per bottle. A price I would be happy to pay for a great tasting soft drink and treat.

Disclaimer: I received these three bottled soft drinks in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.



  1. Those bottles are ace, I love the designs 🙂

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