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My Nametags offer a variety of personalised name tags and recently have brought out a range featuring Mr Men and Little Miss characters. We have recently been offered to review these name tags and over the past few weeks have been putting them to great use. We designed our name tags on the really easy to use website and selected pink name tags with a cute, fun font featuring Little Miss Naughty – very apt for Mini Kat’s nature! They came a few days later and we began sticking.

These name tags are different to ones I have used before and they have worked really well. I was getting sick of constantly re-writing Mini Kat’s name in all her school uniform after a few washes and we kept being sent home with the wrong cardigan and school jumper. These name tags are great because they are simple stickers that you add to the manufactures label of the item of clothing. You need to leave 24 hours between sticking on the label and the next wash to prevent it fading and coming off which is exactly what we did.

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School uniform has now gone through the was quite a few times and I am pleased to say the name stickers have stayed firm and not come off in the wash. We haven’t had to use the sharpie in a fair few weeks either and every day Mini Kat has come home with the right cardigan. I really recommend my name tags stickers as they can be used on anything from school clothes to the inside of welly boots and pencil cases. We still have a lot left which I know will come in handy next year with any new buys we might need to make for Mini Kat when she returns to school after the summer.

Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of My Nametags Stickers for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own.

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  1. gessell says:

    Neat idea! My little one is unfortunately at the stage that everything goes in her mouth and would probably just eat it. 🙂

    1. I love these because once they stick onto the labels of the clothes they are hard to come off, and as they survived the washine machine I think they would survive a little ones mouth! 😀 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. such pretty tags!

    1. They really are lovely aren’t they! We’re very happy with them!

  3. These look fantastic and something I will have to bare in mind in the future. #mmbc

  4. Anthony Harrington says:

    how lovely! I would pick the truck design for our little Grandson, lovely designs

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