Mokee Mini Cot in Stone Blue Blog Post Review

Mokee Mini Cot Review

Disclaimer: Ad – Gifted. We were provided with a Scandinavian designed Mokee Mini Cot & Aloe Foam Mattress for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own.

Felix has loved being in his co-sleeper crib for the past seven months now and sleeps relatively well through the night. Now he’s able to sit unaided and is starting to crawl we knew we needed to transition him into a cot. Thankfully, we received the Mokee Mini Cot in excellent time and Adam got it set up and put together pretty quickly. The Mokee Mini Cot will last us too which makes it even better value as once Felix reaches 24 months we can remove one of the sides of the cot and add the bar at the bottom to transition the cot into a toddler bed. I think it’s one of the most affordable yet still stylish cot to bed’s I’ve seen in a long time.

Stone Blue Mokee Mini Cot with Grey Bedding and The White Company Baby Sleeping Bag inside

The cot can be used from birth as the height is changeable however we went straight for the lowest setting as it’s appropriate to Felix’s age of seven months. The Aloe mattress that came with the Mokee Mini Cot fits in perfectly and I have matched the Stone coloured cot with some organic cotton fitted sheets which I purchased.

I love the colour of our Mokee Mini Cot however there are a fair few options you can customise the cot with, including colour. I think there are enough options to design the Mokee Mini Cot to be exactly right for your nursery. Felix’s cot is in our room as we only have a two bedroom flat and it seems unfair to insist Evie shares with her baby brother.

Baby inside Mokee Mini Cot

When selecting your Mokee Mini Cot you can add your desired mattress, a drawer, additional storage shelves and a changing top. The base price for the cot starts at £89.99 which I personally think is very reasonable. There are all sorts of extras you can get too from changing to mobiles and storage boxes. Mokee really have made it lovely and simple to help you get the most for your money, a stylish design with plenty of colours. I love how customisable it is to order the Mokee Mini Cot.

Felix has now slept in his Mokee Mini Cot for the past three nights from around 7pm – 5am which is great! We were a little worried about the transition as he is not right next to us now but he has done really well. He’s woke a few times – as babies do, but has been easy to soothe and settle back to sleep. The Mokee Mini Cot fits in so well in the only space we have available for it and it has plenty of space for Felix to move around. I know he does in the night because each time I check on him he’s laying in a completely different direction.

Baby inside Mokee Mini Cot

We are thrilled with the Mokee Mini Cot and would very much recommend this as an affordable option for any baby. I love that you can build up a bundle it’s lovely to know that it’s been handcrafted too. The cot is made up of beech wood and painted with an eco-friendly paint.

Review of the Mokee Mini Cot in Stone Blue. Made in EU, Scandinavian Designed Cot, Nursery Furniture, Baby Boy Nursery

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