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Molkky: Outdoor Wooden Skittles Game

Molkky is a Finnish outdoor wooden skittles game that can be played on any lawn, garden, beach or park. It’s a fun family game to play outdoors which is going to be lovely with half term just around the corner and the summer holidays not too far in the future. It’s always nice being able to get outside with the kids when the sun is shining however there is only so much of the same thing you can do. Having some fun outdoor toys that are easy to transport so that you can play together just gives the day a bit of a different spin.

Molkky Outdoor Wooden Skittles

We haven’t had much time together as a family this year with Adam at college, me being pregnant and mostly tired and Evie of course with school and then with her dad. When we are together we want to try doing different things and with the really lovely weather we’ve had lately it would be a real shame not to make the most of it. It’s sad we don’t have a garden ourselves to play this in however Molkky is super easy to carry in a bag as there’s only a few items so we can take it to the park or over to see friends or family. It would be perfect playing on my nans artificial lawn in her garden! Again, being pregnant and not being able to get too active as I get tired quickly or being able to lift things too heavy this is a perfect game that allows me to spend quality time with my daughter.

Molkky Outdoor Wooden Skittles

Molkky Rules

We recently received our Molkky game and have been trying to find a day of warm weather when Evie is actually here with us to be able to play. The rules of Molkky are really simple. It’s a throwing game so you just need to knock down the numbered wooden pins. The first to score fifty wins the game. Our Molkky set came with the wooden blocks or skittles, a throwing pin and instructions on how to play. I think it’s a pretty straight forward game to play which focuses on aiming and precision. If you enjoy playing skittles or bowling then this would be a great outdoor alternative.

Outdoor Games for Family

Molkky is a great outdoor lawn game and I think will be great over the summer. It’s really nice and easy to set up so if, like me, you have inpatient ones wanting to play right away, Molkky is perfect. It can be played with large or small groups which make it lots of fun for families of all sizes. A great game to take to the beach through half term, play in the garden with siblings or take to the family BBQ at the weekend. We love it because it’s easy to play, fun and simple.

Molkky Outdoor Wooden Skittles

Where to Buy Molkky

You can currently buy Molkky on Amazon

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Wooden Pins with Numbers for Finnish Outdoor Lawn Game Molkky

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