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For the last few weeks now I have been trying out the Beets Blu Pager Tag as a Key Finder. I am always losing my keys, it’s so frustrating because I end up realising I can’t find them the moment I’m supposed to leave…doesn’t everyone? Or they get lost in the huge bags I carry around. You’d think with the amount of key rings and the size of my keys that a key finder wouldn’t be needed but no. I never put them down in the same place and I never remember where they are.

The key finder by Beets Blu is available on Amazon for £20 and is a really handy piece of lightweight tech. The key finder is incredible small and the black design just makes it look like a type of electronic car key to be honest. It connected easily to my keys although the string is only tied to the device and it’s quite delicate, I do worry sometimes about pulling my keys out of my bag in case it gets pulled off but it hasn’t yet!

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Inside the box: Pager Tag and clear instructions

The pager tag pairs with an App available from the App store and also available on some Android devices. It’s worth checking out their seller page and website to make sure your phone is compatible. I have an iPhone 5S and found the App really easily – it’s free too which is great. It doesn’t take up much memory and downloaded on to my phone very quickly.

Set up was easy. I did have to reset the battery on first use but that was simple. I just removed the battery, returned and then it flashed green straight away. After that my phone picked up the blutooth signal very quickly and it was paired. One thing to remember about this is that once it’s paired with a device it can not be paired with another device.

pager tag, key finder, beets blu
Lightweight Design

The alarm function is clear and of a good sound but it isn’t annoyingly loud which is great. I’ve used it a couple of times now for when I’m in a hurry and found my keys with ease…usually in a jacket pocket after insisting I’d looked there…what I really like about the key finder is you can use it as a sort of remote for your phone too which is actually really cool. These include taking photos and changing songs as well as set off an alarm on your smartphone which I haven’t yet tried to do, but that’s pretty good to know if you lose your phone a lot.

Overall I am really happy with this product. It’s design is excellent and its so lightweight it hasn’t added any clunky feel to my keys…they were already pretty hefty anyway! I’m really impressed. key finder review, keys, pager tag

Disclaimer: I received the Beets Blu Pager Tag to use as a Key Finder in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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