Finding the perfect photograph, valentines day gifts

Picking The Perfect Photograph

Valentines Day doesn’t tend to mean as much when you’ve been together for a while. Adam and I celebrated five years together last November. Our first Valentines Day was way back in 2013 and whilst I don’t think we were able to spend the day together, we did have a date and got each other gifts. This year, with Valentines Day being on a Wednesday, during half term and with a child returning home from her dads the romance isn’t quite what it used to be, however, the sentiment is still very much alive and I cherish plenty of moments where I get to think about our relationship and future. So I am looking for the perfect photograph to sum up our relationship this Valentines Day. It’s hard to believe that this will be our sixth Valentine’s celebration.

Of course, the perfect photograph also needs a perfect photo frame and I was recently sent a beautiful slate personalised photo frame from GiftsOnline4U which I want to set pride of place right on my desk. The lovely slate frame has a heart design in the centre for that perfect photo to be placed and I’ve personalised the words around the frame with our names, when we got together and all the things I value about our relationship and the important time we have spent together. Personalising the frame is really simple and allows you to have up to 30 characters in the top ribbon, and a message of up to 80 characters (two lines of 40). I think something sweet and short works really well here and it was pretty easy thinking of something to say considering the time we’ve spent together. I love the slate look too as I think that’s just another way to sum up our relationship. Unique, a little flawed maybe but full of character and long lasting – hopefully for many more years to come. There are a great range of other personalised photo frames on GiftsOnline4U to browse through and I urge you to take a look if you like the below!

Finding the perfect photograph, valentines day gifts

Finding the perfect photo to fit into this lovely frame in time for Valentine’s Day might be a bit of a challenge because we have so many to choose from however the dimensions of the frame and having to find one in landscape do make it a little easier to narrow time. I have plenty in photo albums as I often print our photos out. I love having some physical to look through from time to time but if I can’t find one through the albums I’ll be focusing on my social media accounts and looking for the perfect photo there.

Personalised Valentines gifts make a really lovely touch, I think, and GiftsOnline4U have so much to choose from. They can be made with the person you’re gifting in mind and there are so many lovely choices around suitable for both men and women. From jewellery, wine glasses, wallets, cufflinks and much more – no matter how many years you’ve been together a personalised gift can be a really lovely, thoughtful touch. I like that the focus is usually on gifts for the home too that can be used on special occasions or showcased proudly around the home. I look forward to finding the perfect photograph for our new slate frame and putting it up in our home this Valentine’s Day.

Disclaimer: I was sent a personalised slate frame in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own. 

Finding the perfect photograph, valentines day gifts


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