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Shnooks: A Super Stocking Filler

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? We are almost there now with just a small list of gifts to find for family members. Father Christmas is busy finding things to fill Evie’s stocking with too so I’m very happy to pass on some suggestions including the Zuru Shnooks! We’ve recently been learning all about Shnooks which are the latest edition to Evie’s ever growing mountain of soft toys. Schnooks are a great stocking filler because they’re cute, small and currently just £6 in The Entertainer. Evie loves cute and cuddly so soft toys are always right on top of her Christmas list. We have actually had to have a bit of a cull in the past but the great thing about Schnooks is they are really small. They’re also collectibles and there are a few to choose from. Evie is usually pretty easy to buy for, anything pink and cute is ideal and something I know she will absolutely love which is why I really like these Shnooks.

schnook christmas stocking filler for kids

Shnooks come in a little bubble and need a good shaking to get them to come to size. This makes the hair go a little crazy but as each schnook comes with hair clips and accessories you can brush it back into style. There are six to collect in total and when you have them all you can build them into a friendship chain which is really cute. They’re so fluffy too which, again, is just perfect for Evie. With six to collect each Shnook is another bright and beautiful colour. I love the tagline of from bubble to best friend. Our Schnooks have fit right in!

Shnook shopping filler, christmas stocking fillers

What is top of your child’s Christmas list this year? Have you sorted all the gifts you need to buy?

Disclaimer: We received Shnooks for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own.


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