Science of Perfumes Review

The Science of Perfumes Review and Giveaway

We are a few weeks into the summer holidays now and keeping my daughter occupied on those rainy days was something I was truly dreading however we’ve been lucky enough to review lots of fun toys to keep us busy and small minds occupied. One of the things we’ve been trying is The Science of Perfumes by Science4You and there’s a giveaway to win you’re own Science of Perfumes Kit below. Evie absolutely loves making her own perfume and has had a good go at it before with little make up kits or emptying all of my bubble bath and lotions in the bathroom…

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The Science4You Perfume kit comes with a great range of fun experiements all involving scent. The box comes with a whole host of scientific looking kit, latex gloves, scents and colours to conduct the experiments. There are other things you’ll need to complete all the experiments such as filter paper and modelling clay but you’ll probably have those in the house anyway. The set comes with a vanilla fragrance, colours, bath salts and the other things you’ll need. Evie has really enjoyed making her own perfume, bath salts and I can see she really enjoys exploring new things. Science is one of her favourite subjects at school because she enjoys predicting results and finding things out.

I thought the set was good as there was a great range of things to do. It does require help and supervision but these type of kits are always a lot of fun doing together or as a family. I think this is suitable for my daughters age of six (almost seven, I can’t quite believe that) and it has been so nice to have something to do over the summer. I feel these sort of experiments help keep her ticking over and stimulating the mind on the school break and I think this is helping her creativity a lot too. We’ve had a lot of fun with the Science of Perfumes and I’m sure you will too so please feel free to enter the giveaway below.

Science of Perfumes Review

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Disclaimer: I received Science of Perfumes in exchange for this review. All opinions remain my own.
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