Adorable alpaca snuggle buddy

A New Snuggle Buddy: Adorable Alpacas

Adorable Alpacas Snuggle Buddies: Lionel

Adam loves Alpacas and Llamas so getting Baby F his very own Adorable Alpaca has made his life. In fact the other week Lionel distracted him from his final assignments for his access course. I went to the kitchen to get a drink, walking past the living room to find Adam cuddling up to Lionel whilst wondering around the living room (I think he was procrastinating a bit and had cabin fever as he’d been working on his essay for hours). He claimed it was to feel how soft he is. Snuggle Buddies are a lovely range of gorgeous soft toys from Addo Play and are available at The Entertainer

Lionel Snuggle Buddy Adorable Alpaca

There are two Adorable Alpacas to collect, Lionel, the blue one and Lulu the pink one. Evie now has her eyes on Lulu so she can match her baby brother which is really very cute. As we already have Misty the Unicorn I knew the Snuggle Buddies were suitable from birth and therefore would be a great cuddly toy for Baby F. He’s not here yet, although the weeks are flying by and his prominent kicks are reminding me that it really won’t be very long until he is. In the meantime Evie has been testing Lionel out to make sure he stays super soft and has lots of cuddles until he’s covered in newborn baby drool.

Lionel Snuggle Buddy Adorable Alpaca in Baby Crate

Lionel the Adorable Alpaca is quite large standing at 45cm tall and has a lovely smiley face. He is covered in shades of blue and is so soft to snuggle up to and cuddle. I think, to be honest, we’ve all had a nice cuddle with Lionel now and he is standing on top of our chest in our living room full of Baby F’s bits and pieces. Snuggle Buddies need to be hand washed and are not suitable for the washing machine so we will be taking extra special care of Lionel when he finally meets Baby F.

I’m so pleased with the Adorable Alpaca and Evie has been great at testing out his softness, snuggles and cuddles.

Lionel Snuggle Buddy Adorable Alpaca

Disclaimer: We were sent an Adorable Alpaca in exchange for this feature. 

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