Snuggle Sac Kids Camping Bed Review, Dalmation Snugglepod

Dalmation Snuggle Sac for Kids Review

We are not really a family that does camping, but we do enjoy a glamping or camping break from time to time. However, here in this lovely country with no guarantee for warm weather it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you can still get rather cold. Our trip to Cornwall for example, as lovely as it was, we had the gas fire on in the mornings and some evenings because we were all sat huddled in layers. When I was offered the chance to review an item from Ollie and Leila I decided on the Snuggle sac because I thought it would be very handy on these little trips we have, weekends away when it’s colder and sleepovers at nanny’s house.

Dalmation Snuggle Sac On Bed

Evie choose the Snuggle sac she wanted and went with the very cute Dalmation puppy. The snuggle sac zips up like a sleeping bag and is made of 100% cotton with a fleece lining. Its really soft and Evie absolutely loves it. In fact she loves it so much she’s been using it pretty much every day that she’s been here. It’s perfect so snuggle up in the evenings with a book and a mug of hot chocolate and I know it will be absolutely ideal for trips away and sleepovers. The snuggle sac comes in it’s own carry bag with shoulder strap too making it super easy to transport. Even on the bed it’s a nice extra layer of warmth which I think will be needed in the coming months. The snuggle sac is 180cm by 70cm so an ideal size for children. Evie is (almost) 7 now and it fits her very well! The padded pillow is great too giving a little extra support. I think the design is very cute and there are a few others on the site too with other designs. Evie loves dogs so I had a feeling the Dalmation design would be the one she went for.

Child In Ollie and Leila Dalmation Snuggle Sac on Bed

We will be taking our snuggle sac on our birthday weekend trip to Weymouth with us to fully test it out and I think it will be a staple item for future holidays to come.

Disclaimer: I received this Dalmation Snugglepod in exchange for this review and feature. All opinions remain my own.


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