Star Wars – The Force Awakens – Review

This weekend my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and I was really impressed. I have only recently watched Star Wars in preparation for this film at Christmas because my boyfriend really wanted to see it and really enjoyed them all, so it was great to already know what to expect with the new film. Whilst it might not be absolutely necessary to watch all the previous films before seeing this one, I would recommend it so that you can connect a little better with the older characters and familiar faces. I’m really glad that the films will be coming out over Christmas in 2017 and 2019 as it will give us something to get excited about although two years between films is going to be a tough wait, especially now The Hunger Games and The Hobbit have finished which has been our film to see amongst the festivities each year since we met.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is episode seven within the franchise and is now, as many of you know, a part of Disney however that didn’t take away anything that fans would love. The film is around two hours and fifteen minutes long so a good amount of time to get a great story across to the audience and properly introduce some new characters as well as some old favourites which despite being new to the Star Wars fan club did bring in a little emotion for me and really built up the excitement.

The Force Awakens follows on from Return of the Jedi becoming Episode Seven in the franchise and starts as all the others do with that fantastic theme tune and the introductory script we all recognise letting us know what has happened between then and now. I really like this about the films as it gives you an idea of what has happened and what to expect, or at least what the film could be about. We are introduced to The First Order very quickly into the film alongside one of our main characters, Finn, a storm trooper and you can see right from the start he is struggling with his identity and the decisions he is forced to make. The film then continues with a great mix of action, adventure and friendship as we see older characters return to their roles and find out what they’ve been up to since we last saw them in 1983.

I feel the film is rated correctly as a 12A because the violence is minimal and subdued, the language is clean and there’s no nudity. Because of this I would say if you have a younger child who is excited about the new film then Star Wars won’t be a problem for them. I don’t think my five year old would find Star Wars scary at all in fact I think she would probably enjoy this one quite a lot. A fair few of my friends have taken their sons to see the new film as the parents have been a fan of the older films and the children have been brought in by the toys of the new film. I have a feeling that Star Wars is now going to become a firm favourite within this family.

I was really impressed with Daisy Ridley who played the female lead Rey in the film. She was excellent and it’s lovely to see a new character and a new face within the franchise. She played her role excellently and is a firm favourite for me as she portrays a really strong and fearless female clearly not the typical damsel in distress that you usually see with female leads. Finn portrayed by John Boyega was fantastic too and I really felt for him and the decisions he made. BB-8 was my favourite though, similar in ways to R2-D2 but with his own little personality. I don’t know what it is about the Star Wars Robots but they really make me love the films.

This is going to be a great film to see this festive season for everyone and all ages whether you’re a fan of the previous films of new to the franchise I think everyone will be able to enjoy The Force Awakens in their own way.


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