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Starting a Creative Writing Course

One thing I absolutely love about blogging is the fantastic opportunities it offers me which allows me to improve myself and my skills. I love to write, it’s a big part of why I blog but also I have so many dreams of being a published Author and I feel blogging regularly is a great step to get me used to writing. However, most of the work I do is prose or informative writing rather than creative. I feel like I’ve missed a trick in using it to show of my creative use of language and so when I was offered the chance to review an online course I was absolutely thrilled to see that creative writing was an option.

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Starting A Creative Writing Course with NCC Online

I am working with NCC Courses which is an online distance learning site offering a variety of certificates and qualifications for those that want to enhance their learning or try a new skill. They offer both online only and paper courses for you and have a great choice of qualifications to choose from including, but not limited to GCSE, A-Level, NCFE, Skillsfirst and CACHE. I choose creative writing to enhance my ability, make me a better blogger and to get back to what I really love and that is story telling.

Each week I will be posting my tasks for each module to give you an example of the course content and as a chance to receive, from you my readers, a little bit of a critique on my work. You guys really help me make my blog better and I want to give you something to keep coming back for! It will also give me that foundation I want and need to finally write a novel I’ve had stuck in my head for a while and hopefully help me to gain a few proof readers and editors along the way to produce the final piece. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with the course and experimenting with different types of learning.

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My first impressions of the course are very positive. Once you have selected your course and payment method you’ll receive you’re log in details and can start learning right away. That’s when it gets exciting! Logging in and being able to see your course content and what’s expected of you over the coming weeks, or months, depending on how and when you can study your course. The set up is very clear with a sidebar featuring each module. You then have a course overview and introduction of the course at the top and then each module has underpinning knowledge which is the module overview and tasks you’re expected to complete. At the very bottom is the exam to take which offers your certificate of completion.

Each week I will take you through my modules and show the world, well, my audience at least, the finished piece of text and offer it up for you to evaluate and offer constructive criticism. This will really help me to improve my skills.

The creative writing course is available online and paper. It’s expected to take 200 hours to complete and is available for £238 (usually £340). You can make monthly payments of £33.83 if you wish and it does require a deposit. These payments may change in the future. The creative writing course offers a NCFE Level 3 qualification.

Disclaimer: I have been offered the opportunity to study at home in exchange for honest feedback and a final review on the course. All opinions and produced content throughout the course remain my own.

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