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Stur Liquid Water Enhancers – Review

Stur Liquid Water Enhancers are a calorie and sugar free alternative to squash. I’ve recently been trialing a selection of flavours after being sent a sample pack to try. I thought these would be suitable as I am trying to adopt a much healthier lifestyle, these seem to fit in quite well.

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Each squishy bottle of Stur is easy to hold in your hand and is able to give you 30 drinks which is very reasonable for the price of £3.49, that works out at about 8.5p per drink. However, I’m not sure personally whether I would get 30 drinks as I usually like drinks to be a bit stronger. However, the idea behind stur is not to give you a squash but to just simply make water a little bit more exciting and give you some different flavours to try.

What I really like about these little bottles is that they are so easy to carry because of their size. These will be a welcome addition on summer outings, long train rides or even trips to the park. With all my family liking different flavours I would happily carry more than one of these around with a big bottle of water so that we can all get the flavour we want.

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In my sample pack I was sent six different flavours to sample which included:
Orange & Mango
Green Apple
Cranberry & Pomegranate
Blackcurrent & Apple
Peach Tea
Lemon Tea

My favourite is definitely the Peach Tea which contains real brewed Tea and natural peach flavouring with no calories or sugar, simply using a natural stevia extract to sweeten lightly. Each squeeze also gives 100% of your daily vitamin C so it’s great that this can give you an extra boost. I’ve offered these to friends and family and all have said they’ve enjoyed the tastes, flavours and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and a well known brand of squash. This is simply a healthier, lighter way to enhance water.

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Stur are very keen to promote drinking plenty of water but understand that sometimes this can be a little boring and they want to increase the enjoyment of a glass of water with an enhancer that tastes natural and isn’t going to be harmful to the body. Stur have a great motto which their products seem to live by…Love Water Naturally.

I have really enjoyed sampling these flavours and will continue to do so over the summer. After browsing through their website I saw that they have coconut infusions which I am very keen to try with all the benefits of coconut water and some exotic flavours.

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