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I was excited about this film from the day I saw Jack Nicholson’s reaction to the new Joker, I knew it would be a fun film with a lot of action, violence and a kick ass squad. I was not disappointed despite reading so many critic reviews saying how awful the film was. Seriously, what is with the hate for DC movies? I think sometimes we get a little caught up in the critical views of a film which leads us to forget that films aren’t created to please the critics, they are there to please the fans and I am a pleased fan.

Suicide Squad is a fun film full of lovable super villians; and I really do love them so much now I’ve seen this movie. I’ve freely admitted that I’ve never been a DC girl when it comes to comics but I like them. That being said my background knowledge of some of the characters in the film is pretty limited but I knew what I needed to know and I’m really starting to get into the whole Justice League a little bit more now. Suicide Squad was not a film made to impress and to gain critical acclaim…it was made to showcase some baddass characters and launch them into our faces. It didn’t need to make sense which is a little evident in Director David Ayer’s choppy editing however that just added to the volatile nature of the characters.

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I loved seeing these guys as the protagonists of the film. Even though they’re the bad guys, they are the bad guys you just love to hate and knowing a bit more of their backstory you kinda get why they’re villains. Will Smith really impressed me as Deadshot, what a shooter! I loved his story and how he was torn between being a hit man and a loving dad. Will Smith is ideal for Deadshot. He was pretty perfect and to be honest you kinda want this guy to win. I don’t think anyone could have done it better to be honest.

Margot Robbie is just stunning as Harley Quinn. She rocked that baseball and hotpants much better than I could and had the perfect balance of crazy throughout the whole film. Harley Quinn is someone I do know a bit about as I’ve always been fasicnated by her character and relationship with Mister J. I would love to see her return.

I was expecting to see a lot more of Jared Leto as the Joker for this film to be honest but his presence was felt throughout. I just don’t feel there was enough of him to decide whether I like him as the Joker especially after I read how he never came out of character through filming. It seems a shame that he had such a small part in the film.

The whole group seemed to have really good chemistry throughout the film when they’re together as the sqaud. I have to say Jai Courtney, Captain Boomerang…well mess him up and make him a little crazy and, well, perhaps it’s just me but he was hot! I think this has been one of my favourite performances I’ve seen of Courtney although he also had limited screentime.

I guess, even though I did really enjoy the film, it was a lot of fun, I felt like it was mostly about Robbie and Smith which is fine but it seems a shame to leave the other characters behind because they were all really interesting characters. There were a fair few surprises throughout the film and I really hope an extended edition will be gracing the shelves because I just don’t feel like I’ve seen enough!

Overall, Suicide Squad is a fun film with lots of action and brings some great characters to life. It’s nice to see a bit of humour come into the DC world and I think the cast really helped to achieve this.

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