perfect glasses review, sunglasses

My New Sunglasses – Perfect Glasses Review

Loving My New Sunglasses

I think I’ve been wearing glasses for the last ten years or so now. My eyes aren’t too bad and I need mine for distance however I usually need to use them if I’m working on the computer for a long time or watching television. I usually make sure my I order prescription sunglasses too but as I don’t drive I don’t really have a need for prescription sunglasses so it’s a bit unnecessarily. However, I do want to make sure my sunglasses are comfortable, stylish and protect my eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.

perfect glasses review, sunglasses

I am so happy to have recently received my brand new sunglasses from a site that makes getting prescription sunglasses and reading glasses simple. I’ve been looking for some new sunglasses for a while as the frames on mine have become quite loose which makes them really uncomfortable and slide off my face. Thankfully this has not happened with my new sunglasses which are actually a perfect fit. Looking for glasses online is pretty new for me as I usually get my sunglasses from my optician in town however there are times when you just want a quick fix. Perfect Glasses offer a huge amount of styles for prescription glasses and sunglasses with so many lovely frames to choose from. It was actually really challenging to find a pair that I wanted because there were so many I liked.

Ordering from perfect glasses was really simple. You can of course choose your desired frame and then add in your prescription for each lens. Usually when placing an order with glasses requiring a prescription the delivery can take a little longer than a regular pair of frames. I was told mine would take around 25 days to deliver however they did come a little before the deadline so I was thrilled. The sunglasses came with a lovely protective box and a good quality cleaning cloth to help keep the lenses clear.

perfect glasses review, sunglasses

I loved that there were a huge choice of designer glasses available to choose from too as I do usually go for a designer frame however when I found this gorgeous floral frame I was thrilled as they are exactly the sort of thing I would pick up in store. The frames are nice and thick and fit snugly around my face and tuck nicely behind my ears. The lenses are a lovely colour and do make it easier to see when outside in the sunshine. I find these have been particularly helpful on the few sunny afternoons we’ve had when walking up to get Evie from school. I have to walk up and down a few hills on the journey and I often find the sun in my eyes which is really annoying.

perfect glasses review, sunglasses

Overall I would recommend perfect glasses as an alternative as the process is really simple and the choice of frames available is really extensive.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of glasses and payment in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own. 

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