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Treaclemoon Giveaway

competition, treaclemoon, giveawayIn this house we are definitely a bath family and I love having loads of lovely bubbles in my baths. I really like sweet smelling bath and shower products and have found a range available in Tesco and Waitrose that suits me perfectly. Treaclemoon have a lovely range of gorgeous products with a variety of lovely scents. I remember the first one I tried was That Vanilla Moment and absolutely loved it. It lasted ages and left the bathroom smelling like ice cream – my favourite snack – so it was a big win-win for me!

My most recent Treaclemoon product that I have used is the Marshmallow hearts which is another sweet smelling bath product and I use as body wash and bubble bath. The whole family loves it, and my daughter especially loves the colour inside the bottle as it’s a lovely light pink – just like fluffy marshmallows! Using this one transports you into the middle of a sweet shop and is just lovely. The scent is a little more subtle than some of the other fragrances but I really love it. The bottle sits very nicely in my bathroom surrounded by pink shower puffs and makes great bubbles for bath time fun! It’s been a particularly apt product for Valentines Day too!

If none of the products tickle your fancy why not take a look at the free Treaclemoon app which allows you to create your own virtual bath and shower gel product. Tweeting about it using the #treaclemoonME might even win you a prize! marsh mallow hearts, treaclemoon, bath and shower gel

In fact, Treaclemoon have offered to give one of these lovely bath and shower gels away to my readers. All you have to do is click the link and enter the Rafflecopter below. Please ensure you read and follow the terms and conditions of this giveaway.

Disclaimer: I received the product in exchange for this post and to provide a giveaway to my readers.


  1. I like your review style, Kat. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

  2. My Coconut Island sounds exotic and delicious. Mind you, so does the entire range!

  3. Oh the coconut shower gel smells divine I just love it, reminds me of holidays & suncreams x x

  4. I love the Dusted Cocoa Heaven! I apologise if this is a repeat comment but my laptop went a little peculiar as I submitted my comment and I can’t find it!

  5. I love the Raspberry kiss the scent is beautiful and it leaves me feeling very refreshed

  6. I haven’t tried Treacle Moon shower gel yet but really love the sound of Raspberry Kiss

  7. I don’t think i have tried any of them but love the idea of the Marsh mallow one 🙂

  8. I love That Vanilla Moment and Raspbery Kiss, two of my favourite scents x

  9. My shower is full of lovely smelling shower gels! I would love to try the marshmallow one

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