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Unboxing Zuru 5 SURPRISE Balls

Zuru 5 SURPRISE is a new collectable toy range featuring five surprise gifts wrapped up in segments. Each capsule comes with five little treats for your child to unwrap, peel and reveal. They are super cute and make perfect pocket money spends. Evie was absolutely thrilled to receive four 5 SURPRISE capsules to open. We decided to do a little opening and unboxing video for you.┬áThere are over 300 toys to collect and each capsule features a different range of toys. Evie preferred the contents of the pink capsules but she also liked a few things from the blue capsules, particularly the water balloons and slime we found in ours! What I found really quite sweet is before Evie opened them up she said she would save some of the items for her baby brother when he is here. I explained he will be too little at first but when he’s old enough I’ll have to get you both one.

Opening the Pink 5 SURPRISE

Collectable Toys in Pink 5 SURPRISE capsules

Opening the Blue 5 SURPRISE

Collectables common in the Blue 5 SURPRISE capsules

What We Got

What we got in our 4 capsules of 5 SURPRISE toys mix of Pink and Blue Capsules

Best Bits

Evie loved opening her 5 SURPRISE balls. She loved opening the capsules and being surprised as to what was inside. Each capsule comes with a little fact sheet which shows the different items you can collect. Even though some of the toys were not things she would usually choose she’s been playing with all of them which is really nice to see. Evie said if she were to buy them in the shop she would want to pick the pink ones because they had more toys that were to her taste.

Any cons

The plastic wrap around the capsules was a little tough to open for Evie so she needed help from us to get the wrapper off. It’s quite clear that the wrapper holds the capsule together tightly and protects the seal at the top from being opened in stores. Most of the capsules Evie found easy to open herself but smaller fingers may require an adult. The peels on the segments were easy to rip off.


I do like these little collectable type toys and they make great pocket money spends. The 5 SURPRISE capsules would also make good stocking filler ideas or little filler presents for birthdays. I think I’ll have to get a few more for Evie when she becomes a big sister in the Autumn. It was really nice watching her open them.

5 SURPRISE capsules, opening and unboxing 5 SURPRISE


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