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12 Days of Parenting – Hosting Christmas

So the 12 Days of Parenting campaign is talking about Hosting Christmas today and I am following on from GlossyTots. Today’s post is sponsored by Lycrawidow who is offering a Cloud 9 Collection from Younique so make sure you get entering that giveaway below.

Since my partner and I have been together we’ve never had Christmas in our own place so this year that is exactly what we’re planning on doing but that doesn’t mean to say we can’t slack in the organising department because the week leading up to Christmas we have plenty of things to plan for.

For the last two years my dad has come down Christmas eve and stayed with us until Boxing Day but this year he will be up with his girlfriend and her family so instead he is coming down to see us in the week. Hosting for my dad is easy, something to eat, something to drink, somewhere to sleep and he’s happy so that never takes much planning really and he likes to top up my Tassimo supply so I can’t complain. We’ve been to my boyfriends mum’s for the last couple of years too for a lovely Christmas lunch which was great as my dad was included, we watched TV drank together and then headed over to my mums for nibbles and more presents for Evie.

Spending time with as many family members as possible is important at Christmas

Spending time with as many family members as possible is important at Christmas

However, we are a couple, that can’t drive and if we did and went out meant one couldn’t have a drink…so this year we are staying home. It’s not the first time I’ve cooked a Christmas lunch but it’s the first time I’ve done it just the three of us in our home. This of course requires some planning so we have our festive season shopping list, we have our online delivery booked for 21st December which means we don’t have to face huge queues and trolley wars in the Supermarkets. We’re going outside of tradition and having Duck as our centre piece, neither of us know how to carve any form of meat as we never really buy joints of meat, let alone have a full on roast anything! A disaster I hear you say? No! We will get there and make our mistakes and learn for next time.

What I am planning to do to help things run smoothly is prep my veg before hand, make the glazes for the veg on Christmas Eve whilst making my game pie sauce and preparing my stuffing in advance. I’m also going to cook the Duck early in the morning so that the flat is filled with Christmas smells and as it’s only a small serves 4 people Duck crown we won’t be needing overnight cooking or rushing around trying to baste and bacon wrap in the morning. What we do need to plan is what we will be doing throughout the day. My mum and sisters are joining us for a coffee and to see Evie with her presents, stocking and give her the star gift…I’m lucky that my partner gets on with my family really, I can imagine some men dread it…I know I did with my ex’s parents…

Christmas is all about Evie for us and making sure she has a great day

Christmas is all about Evie for us and making sure she has a great day

All the preparation I need for my mum and sisters is fresh milk, tea, coffee and sugar. They like to have a bacon sandwich in the morning, we are waking up in style with bagels, cream cheese, salmon and bucks fizz (might as well start early) before our lunch time feast. Then our plan is to take a walk over to the park, weather permitting, allow Evie to use her star gift and perhaps have a hello from Mia, my mums dog, who will still need a Christmas walk.

After lunch we are hosting my partners mum, possibly her boyfriend and his nan which will be really lovely. We’ve got cheese, crackers, antipasti and port available, as well as soft drinks, of course, for nibbles and just to enjoy some more company in the late afternoon and early evening. Thus making a smooth Christmas day where we don’t have to put in all that much effort in getting out and about, people can see us and most of all, Evie gets to sit down and play with her new toys which is all she ever wants to do anyway!

Take time to Chill at Christmas

Take time to Chill at Christmas

So my top tips for hosting Christmas

  1. Try and make it even, if you’re with one set of in-laws on one year, then visit the next on Boxing Day or the year after if you can’t see everyone on the same day.
  2. Christmas is about family, but mostly it’s about your family, so always do what’s best for yours.
  3. Do something a little different from the regular traditions, create your own traditions
  4. Do your shopping online – it saves a lot of stress and time
  5. Don’t be afraid to compare shop using a comparison website to get the best deals for your food.
  6. Make sure you have fun too, it’s a day for everyone to enjoy.

You can carry on reading some more tips and stories about hosting Christmas with Natalie at Diary of an Unexpectant Mother and you can enter the giveaway below with our code word which is PreSchooler.



  1. You seem to have all planned very well and it’s lovely that you don’t need lots to host your families; takes the stress out of a potentially stressful time. Online shopping saves time, doesn’t it; it’s definitely handy for times like this. #12daysofparenting

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