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12 Days of Parenting – Adulting at Christmas

I hope you’re enjoying all these amazing Christmas posts and getting lots from them. I am loving being a part of the 12 days of Parenting group. So how has being a parent and an adult changed everything for you at Christmas? I’m following on from Laura at Life with Baby Kicks.

I can’t really say how Christmas has changed for me because I still get just as excited as I did when I was young. I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year (followed closely by my Birthday which incidentally is just five days after Christmas anyway). I love the build up and I love giving and getting presents. I love seeing my family, I love that my boyfriend gets two weeks off at work and I love how for the last few years my daughter has been with me for the big day and her dad for the week between Christmas and New Years Day – so I can be an adult for my Birthday too!

My daughter is lucky because she gets two Christmases really – one with me and one with her dad. She gets to celebrate in two homes for the whole two weeks of her time off school. Perhaps that’s a big part of why Christmas hasn’t really changed for me since I became a mum…it’s a bit more money to spend and I like to get a few decorations for my daughters room each year but nothing too massive and I suppose that’s also the perk of having one child…it’s just one child to make happy for the day and with just one child to get gifts for it sure saves a lot of hassle and stress.

I am still the girl that gets up at five eagerly waiting to open her stocking although now I’m a mum I am busying myself before an acceptable time to wake up my daughter who is the hardest person to wake up ever. Honestly, she doesn’t get it! I used to wake my sisters up early on Christmas and we would watch films in the early hours before I decided 6am was an appropriate time to gently wake my mum up with a cup of tea.

I am still the girl that can not wait to open her presents even though through the years they have changed drastically from Barbies to XBoxes to PJ’s. It doesn’t matter what it is, I like little presents and I wouldn’t care if they were all from Poundland I just love presents. I like to see my daughter open hers of course and now I’m an adult rather than ripping into mine I try and hold myself back and wait for her to see the excitement.

I am still the girl that uses all of her new bath bombs on practically the same day I’ve opened them with a Christmas bath because everyone wants to smell and look good at Christmas.

I feel like I’ve always been pretty good at organising myself since I’ve been adulting. I get presents in November and the last few in December. I wrap whilst my daughter is at school and hide them in time. I order Christmas food online a few days before to avoid the queues…and this year for the first time in the two-and-a-half years we have all lived together in this flat I am cooking Christmas dinner, so I have made the menu and I will be hosting guests – but I love that sort of stuff anyway so I’m really looking forward to it.

And this year in true Candyfloss & Dreams spirit I’ve even coloured my hair the colour of Candyfloss! (Another thing that hasn’t really changed since I was about 13…)

Candyfloss & Dreams Christmas Candyfloss Hair

Candyfloss & Dreams Christmas Candyfloss Hair

You can follow on with Joanna at Joanna Victoria and find out more from the 12 days of parenting bloggers and how life has changed for them since having children. Today’s codeword for the giveaway is Pudding. Enter the rafflecopter below for more entries into our amazing grand prize!


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